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Control systems and modules can reduce purchasing workload, simplify installation and provide a complete customised solution for the customer. In many cases the finished product comes from working closely in partnership with our customers to provide a dedicated design which integrates perfectly with their associated equipment.

From 3-D design concept and prototyping to product launch, Air Engineering Controls can provide the complete service.

Whether you require simple pneumatic manifolds or more complex modular electro-pneumatic circuits, we can work with you to develop the solution for your precise requirements, to your exact specification.

Compact reliable systems, developed hand in hand with our customers, coupled with our commitment to quality and service, will ensure Air Engineering Controls provide a cost-effective solution, which we are confident will meet your most demanding expectations.

Gas & Fluid Handling

At Air Engineering Controls, we understand that each and every customer has a unique set of requirements. We offer outsourced design and development services whether you are looking for a custom component or complete design and development of a complex fluid control system. AE will structure the project to meet your needs, timing and budget. For OEMs who don't have the time to take on development in-house, AE is an ideal solution.

Our experienced design engineers and project managers realise your project milestones to develop full project specifications including:

•Development plan/statement of work
•Project Plan driven by project management
•Cost structure

Design engineers specialising in:

•Mechanical design
•Electrical design
•Systems integration
•Solid modelling
•Rapid prototypes
•Design control

Air Engineering Controls has a wealth of experience across a wide spectrum of industries and markets providing support at any stage in the product development process from initial concept to commercial manufacturing.

Gas & Fluid Handling

Solenoid Valves

We have a wide range of valves offering port sizes from M5 ­ G1/2" which are available with mechanical, manual, pneumatic and solenoid actuators. Valves can be supplied free-standing or as part of a manifold with or without the D-Sub terminal system.


By using high quality materials and an approved sealing system, we offer distinct advantages to our customers. No compromises were made in the selection of materials. The bodies are made from anodised aluminium, the spools from stainless steel and the manual overrides from brass. The major advantage of this sealing concept is low friction.

There is no deformation of the seal during assembly. They are allowed to move independently within the brass cage. Without air pressure there is no contact pressure and, therefore, no friction. This construction also has consequences for the seals of the valves in use. When switching a 5/2 valve, only three of the five seals are exposed to pressure and applying friction to the spool.

This unique sealing design means that the contact pressure, and consequently the sealing effect, increases proportionally to the air pressure. If the air pressure is low, contact pressure of the seals and friction are minimised.

Even when pressure is high, due to the shape of the cage, there is only the minimal contact pressure applied to the sealing rings which is necessary to seal the valve, as shown in the drawing above.

These features offer you:

  • High durability and extended lifetime!
  • High flow combined with compact design!
  • High reliability of the valves!
Solenoid Valves


Our comprehensive range of pneumatic actuators includes conventional ISO and VDMA cylinders, guide units, rotary actuators, compact and clamp cylinders and a range of rodless cylinders. Sizes start at ø8mm up to ø250mm. When standard cylinders do not fit the need, find the solution with our custom design cylinders.


Air Preparation Equipment

A complete range of modular Air Service products comprising filters, regulators, lubricators and combination units. A selection of specific filter elements and pressure ranges is available on request.

Air Preparation Equipment

Fittings & Accessories

For the pneumatics industry we offer a fast and secure way of connecting tubes that provides considerable advantages over conventional fittings. Complex tubing systems can be assembled more rapidly than with traditional methods.

In partnership with John Guest, the world's leading manufacturer of push-in fittings, Air Engineering Controls offer high quality products to a wide variety of industries. Our fittings are complemented with a vast range of accessories including flow control valves, silencers and quick exhaust valves.

Fittings & Accessories


The abbreviation ATEX comes from the French term "Atmospheres Explosibles" and covers two European Union Directives- 94/9/EC and 1999/92/EC.

Previously known as ATEX 100a, Directive 94/9/EC has been mandatory since 1st July 2003 for all equipment containing or constituting a possible ignition source.

The ATEX Directive has been incorporated into the national law of Member States and applies to sales of equipment, components and protective systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Directive 1999/92/EC, previously known as ATEX 118a, is now known as ATEX 137 and defines the minimum requirements for improving health protection and safety of employees who may be at danger from potentially explosive atmospheres.

Air Engineering Controls offer a wide range of ATEX approved pneumatic components ranging from Air Preparation to Solenoid Valves.

We also offer ATEX approved control panels built to customer specification.



These products include current-to-pressure (I/P) transducers, voltage-to-pressure (E/P) transducers, pneumatic-to-current (P/I) transducers, precision air pressure regulators, volume boosters, motorized regulators, rolling diaphragm air cylinders and custom engineered devices.


  • High accuracy precision regulators.
  • Low cost units ideal for high volume OEM applications.
  • Compact sizes.
  • Cost effective pressure control.
  • Cross reference manual.

Pneumatic Actuator Repair Service

Our pneumatic components are known for operating beyond their stated design life. However when items start to show signs of failure it can often be economical to repair or replace the wearing parts.

Items should be returned to Air Engineering Controls, Forest Row where they will be evaluated by an engineer who will provide a breakdown of the work required and an estimate for parts and labour.

All repairs are warranted for six months.

Pneumatic Actuator Repair Service

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