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When you partner with Air Marketing Group you are working with mature and experienced sales professionals, supported by a highly knowledgeable management team and proven processes and procedures.    

We originally started life as and are sister companies with Forrest Marketing Group,, in Australia in 2006. We expanded into the UK market as Air Marketing Group so we could deliver our services in the UK and Europe more effectively. We have more than 10 years’ experience in running successful business to business outbound telemarketing and lead generation campaigns, internationally.

At Air Marketing Group we support your sales team and help your business generate leads, open sales conversations, set appointments and win customers.  Each year we uncover sales opportunities that result in millions of pounds of new business for our clients. 

We are focused on developing long term partnerships with our clients, and know this can only be achieved by consistently delivering the highest quality results. We provide additional behind the-scenes systems, processes and management to support our sales agents and maximise the quality of results.

We set up another sister company, Roots to Market, in 2018. Roots are Demand Generation Marketing Specialists who build intelligent marketing capabilities to deliver marketing qualified leads. Working on many clients across the whole group to deliver a full end-to-end collaborative marketing and sales experience.   

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  1. Appointment Setting

    Appointment Setting

    One of the biggest day-to-day issues faced by those that we work with is getting themselves in front of enough prospects. That’s where we come in. Our outbound appointment setting service consistently ensures that your diary is full of meetings with key decision makers.

    We understand how valuable your time is and so our expert team will only ever book you validated and qualified appointments that meet your criteria, giving you the best chance of selling your product or service. As well as booking you appointments, we’ll prepare you for them, ensuring that you have a good knowledge of your prospect and insight into the conversations already held on your behalf using our call recording system. Dependant on your desired outcome, we can book either in person or phone appointments, it is completely tailored to you.

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  2. Content Creation

    Content Creation

    Content creation often seems like one of the easiest marketing activities to execute. Write a little around a subject, broadcast it and wait for the enquiries to come in. But we all know it just doesn’t work like this. An effective strategy considers your brand and audience as well as their pain points and interests. It must also be engaging, following trends and including blogs, vlogs, webinars, videos, white papers, articles – the list is ever growing.

    Our team have been writing, designing and filming content for many different companies for many years. Our golden rule is test, analyse and evolve. The trends are changing, and visual is starting to outgrow the written word. However, blogs really do make a difference to your SEO results and can benefit your wider marketing, which is why we believe in a good mixture of touchpoints and information.

    It’s easy to get started, so get in touch.

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  3. Data Cleansing

    Data Cleansing

    We understand that there is nothing more frustrating than having poor data. It goes without saying that having an accurate and responsive database of prospects will significantly improve the success of your telemarketing activity.

    Whoever you’re looking to target, you can be confident that we will help you to meet your criteria. From decision maker data to email data, we’ll use our industry knowledge to get your data lists to the best quality they can be, screening them for corrupt or incorrect data and enriching the data that you hold.

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  4. Demand Generation

    Demand Generation

    We are Demand Generation specialists with a sales attitude. We aim to build and nurture your key prospects and customer relationships for the long term. This includes all marketing activity that reaches out to prospects, including blogs and social media, and moves them through the sales funnel to finally convert them into an engaged customer.

    Our comprehensive service focuses on using a mixture of proven marketing tactics to reach your target audience and produce marketing qualified leads for your sales team. We’ve crafted packages to offer a mixture of inbound and direct marketing, automation and complete tactical campaigns, so we guarantee we have an option to suit you.

    Alternatively, if you’ve got plenty of ideas on how you’d like to run your own Demand Generation campaign but need outsourced resource to execute, please get in touch for a bespoke package.

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  5. Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    We know that the scope of the digital world continues to grow at a rapid pace. It’s no longer enough to have a website and a strong digital presence, that website needs to act as a friendly, interactive and interesting hub at the centre of your marketing activity. That’s where we come in.

    We know that you need to stand out from the crowd and reach the individuals who you are targeting, and we know how to make that happen. We work with you to understand your business aims, marketing goals and sales objectives to shape your digital marketing and achieve the best results from your investment.

    From helping you with social media marketing, to email marketing and SEO, we have many years of experience with a wide range of clients, meaning we can advise on the best strategy for your target market and budget.

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  6. Direct Marketing

    Direct Marketing

    Do you want to get your voice out there and start a conversation with a key message? Then direct marketing is for you. Direct marketing is a fantastic way to reach out to a select target audience, with a targeted message and start the conversations that you want to lead.

    We can offer you a full direct marketing service including direct mail and direct email campaigns. By integrating the services of Air and Roots, we can start to have the right conversations with the right prospects, warming them with a mixture of direct marketing until they are highly engaged and ready to talk to you.

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  7. Event Booking

    Event Booking

    At Air, we understand that getting people to attend your events can be a difficult and time-consuming process and that’s where we come in. Regardless of the type of event you’re hosting, we’ll make sure it’s a huge success, filled with your ideal prospects.

    Our dedicated team of agents will engage in conversations with your target market to secure you the desired number of bookings. Once a booking has been confirmed, we know that maintaining interest is key and so we’ll keep in touch with confirmed guests, providing them with the necessary information and ensuring you have a high attendance rate. We’ll even follow up after the event to gain their feedback and identify key elements to make your next event even better.

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  8. Inbound Marketing

    Inbound Marketing

    We know that your main goal, when investing in marketing, is to gain tangible results and strong leads. Inbound marketing is the perfect opportunity to do this. By pushing out relevant and high value content, we can help you to attract potential leads to your website and then, once there gain their contact information and engage them further.

    Unlike outbound marketing, where you are fighting with other businesses for that prospect’s attention, inbound marketing attracts warm prospects that trust your brand and are looking to you for further guidance. We constantly report on activity to see what is working and what could be improved, so you know that your content will always be relevant, memorable and valuable.

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  9. Inside Sales

    Inside Sales

    Once you have a new sales lead it is vital that is it handled in the right way. Often, closing leads into sales is the most challenging issue, so we can do this for you. Our inside sales team are driven and dedicated to getting you impressive results, often exceeding expectations.

    Our highly skilled professionals will effectively engage with your prospects and convert them into customers. Driven by targets, they are dedicated to getting you the best possible ROI, ensuring that your investment pays for itself and more. At Air, we are experts in holding conversations with decision makers at every level and in every size of business. We are more than capable of onboarding new business for you and nurturing relationships over the full buying cycle and sales journey.

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  10. Lead Generation

    Lead Generation

    Having a consistent supply of new sales leads is key to business growth, but we understand that sourcing them can be challenging and time consuming. At Air, we do that hard work for you by identifying and qualifying your desired number of quality prospects over the phone.

    A healthy sales pipeline will give you a bank of qualified leads that you have the opportunity to convert. Our highly skilled team will work with you to engage with your ideal target audience and give you the best chance of making a sale. We view every phone call as a new opportunity. Calling hundreds of potential prospects each week, we will use those opportunities to create a demand for your product or service. Our team understand that momentum is vital and so we will continuously build relationships with prospects that matter, opening and holding those conversations until we make it to decision makers within businesses of all sizes

    All of our campaigns use bespoke lead generation strategies and are tailored to meet the individual requirements of your business. We’ll never feed you false leads, only passing over prospects which meet your specified criteria. With our transparent reporting service, and the delivery of each call recording, you can be confident that the lead we’ve secured is well qualified for the best chance for you to convert.

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