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Air Quality Monitoring Equipment

Air Quality Monitoring Equipment

Air Monitors Limited is a specialist monitoring technology supplier in the field of air quality monitoring equipment. We are leaders in the field of airborne particulate (dust) and gaseous pollution monitoring and are the preferred reseller for Thermo RP products in the UK.

We are able to sell or rent equipment and monitoring systems to you or if you prefer we can arrange for the air quality monitoring to be carried out for you and simply send you the data.

Our service teams are able to provide support in the field for installation, repair and routine maintenance.

Applications include:

  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Fence line monitoring
  • Process monitoring
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Civil project impact studies
  • Tunnel monitoring
Air Quality Monitoring Equipment

Air Monitors

We believe Air Quality is a fundamental human right. Outdoors or inside, polluted air has been shown to cause or exacerbate many health effects such as asthma and brochial conditions, heart disease and other health issues.

Air Monitoring helps understand many of the pollutants and allows improvement of air quality for all.  On our website we feature many leading technologies which can measure minute concentrations of pollutants, many in real time, enabling fast response and remediation measures. 

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Multi Gas Air Quality Monitoring

  • Fully portable, battery powered multi gas monitor.
  • The D1000 measures up to six gases simultaneously in ambeint air to ppb level while on the move.
  • Internal GPS and cellular uplink data can be streamed back to a GIS system such as Google Maps providing information about air quality over a wide area.
Multi Gas Air Quality Monitoring

Nano Particle Monitors

Our range of PM monitors and samplers are designed not only to measure the mass concentration of particulate matter but also to provide valuable additional information about the number of particles, as well as the size distribution and the chemical composition of the particulate material.

We offer air quality monitoring samplers which collect PM on a filter or other substrate for subsequent weighing or analysis at a later time and monitors which provide real time information. Both are available as compact battery or solar powered units or mains powered units. Many are completely automated, while others require a degree of user intervention.

Weather Monitoring

We supply, install and maintain a wide range of meteorological sensors for the measurement of wind speed and direction,barometric pressure, temperature, humidity and rainfall.

Each sensor type designed for a specific application and we aould be pleased to assist you in choosing the most appropriate system for your application. All our systems can be used as part of an air quality monitoring system or as a stand alone device.

Many are solar powered and some have wireless connectivity, all are compatible with our powerful envirologger and AQ WEB software allowing data to be transmitted instantly to any PC anywhere in the world in an instant.

Weather Monitoring

Laboratory - Filter Weighing Technology

Weighing filters as part of airborne particulate monitoring procedure can be fraught with difficulty unless the proper procedures and equipment are used. Air Monitors range of filter weighing products and services allow laboratories to improve the accuracy and reproducibility of their measurements and to automate tedious weighing processes. We supply and support the MTL range of filter weighing products including autohandler systems, special filter media, weighing rooms and other specialist technology.

Laboratory - Filter Weighing Technology

Calibration Systems

Calibration is key to producing good quality information from any environmental monitor. Our range of calibration devices is designed to provide you with the highest level of confidence when calibrating flows in gas and particle samplers and monitors or concentrations in gas analysers. All devices and are traceable to international primary or transfer standards. They are designed for both field and laboratory use and are robust and reliable in operation.

  • Flow Calibrators
  • Gas Calibrators
  • Gas Permeation Tubes
  • Bottled Calibration Gas
Calibration Systems

Carbon Emissions Monitors

The MicroSEM Model AE91 Source Emissions Monitor offers a compact, very fast method to sample and analyze hot, moist exhaust streams for elemental or “black” carbon (BC) particles. The instrument is designed to provide fast, accurate measurements of BC while packaged in a rugged, portable confi guration that is easy to operate and maintain.

The instrument can be used to routinely measure BC emissions from exhaust sources such as:

  • Diesel engine exhaust
  • Gasoline engine exhaust “high emitters”
  • Wood fi red boiler exhaust
  • Small, medium and large stationary source exhausts, and other combustion exhaust streams where fast, representative measurement of BC is desired.
Carbon Emissions Monitors

Industrial Hygiene Monitors

Air Monitors are proud to distribute and support the wide range of Gas, VOC and Radiation monitoring technology from RAE Systems. We also offer a wide range of products from Thermo Fisher, BGI and Lighthouse for gases, vapours, particulate matter (dust) and aerosols

Industrial Hygiene Monitors

Petroleum Monitors

Oil and Petrol Spill Monitors...Detects petrolium spills in soil, air and water

  • PetroSense
  • PHA 100 (Portable Hydrocarbon Analyser)
  • PHA-100Plus
  • PHA-100WL
Petroleum Monitors

Trace Oxygen Monitors

The oxygen measurement technique is based upon the fluorescence quenching of a metal organic fluorescent dye immobilized in a gas permeable hydrophobic polymer. The dye absorbs light in the blue region and fluoresces within the red region of the spectrum. The presence of oxygen quenches the fluorescent light from the dye as well as its lifetime. The quenching process is a purely collisional dynamic where the energy from the excited fluorescent dye is transferred to the oxygen molecule during a collision, hence, reducing the emission intensity as well as the fluorescent lifetime of the dye.

  • Oxysense 5000
  • Oxysense 300
  • Oxysense OTR
Trace Oxygen Monitors

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