Air Power Products (UK) Ltd


Starting our trade in 1990 based in Sheffield we are a privately owned business covering a number of different industries in the field of compressed air and compressed air equipment.


Impact Wrenches

We offer a wide range of quality impact wrenches at great low prices, including high power to weight ratio impact wrenches for bolt tightening and loosening. The impact wrenches we sell are suitable to all types of industries, including mining, tunnelling, engineering, industrial and automotive. Our range of impact wrenches includes tools from leading manufacturers such as Chicago Pneumatic, Universal Air Tools, Ingersoll Rand and Atlas Copco.

Needle Scalers

We offer a wide range of needle scalers with different models for different levels of application including in line and pistol grip models. Light, medium and heavy duty models are available, as well a low vibration models if required. Needle scalers can be converted to chisel scalers in seconds for use on brick raking, chipping and splitting applications. 

Service Preparation Equipment

We are not only a product provider as we offer some engineering services for the installation, repairs and after sale service for all of our products whether they have been sold or hired out. We are a company that prides ourselves in good customer service so our aim is to keep customers happy with the products and services we provide.

Hand arm Vibration Analysis (HAV's)

Hand arm vibration syndrome (HAV's) is a disease that affects thousands of workers around the world. We now offer a complete service in HAV analysis to monitor workers and the vibrations they are exposed to; this would prevent workers from getting the disease and will also saev employers thousands of pounds.

Tool Servicing and Repairs

Our engineers are specialists in the repairs and servicing of tools and other equipment. We are an in house trainer for our engineers so when there is new developments with products they are immediately trained to keep up-to-date and deal with any customer needs.

Construction Equipment

We provide a large range of different construction equipment ranging from heavy duty power tools to simple chisels. They are all designed to endure hard environments but still provide maximum power and control.

Demolition Equipment

Not only do we provide construction equipment we also provide the opposite; demolition equipment. Our range varies from shears to chainsaws and are all designed for the destruction of large and small structures.

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