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At Air Products, we specialise in supplying welding gas for high quality production, whatever the application circumstances. Formulated to perform to the highest of their abilities, our welding gas will increase your average weld speeds, and therefore enhance your productivity, substantially. Our ranges of Maxx® welding gases provide this exceptional performance, coming in many varieties to suit an array of substrates.

 Gases in the Maxx range include:

  • Ferromaxx®Plus gas - for steel
  • Ferromaxx®7 gas - our thin steel specialist
  • Ferromaxx®15 gas - all-rounder
  • Inomaxx®Plus gas - for stainless
  • Inomaxx®2 gas - all-rounder for stainless
  • Inomaxx®TIG gas - for TIG stainless
  • Alumaxx®Plus gas  -for aluminium

Welding Cylinders

We provide an extensive range of welding cylinders for a wide range of industries and applications worldwide. Single welding cylinders can come in a complete range of sizes, gas purities and pressures in many gases and gas formulas. We can also supply welding cylinders in packs for larger quantity requirements

Our application support team are at hand to advise you with any application or process query.

Industrial Gas

We provide a range of bulk and cylinder gases for a variety of applications such as cutting, laboratories and food, welding, and balloon gas. We supply a diverse range of gases through our national network and provide unique solutions to enhance benefits to users.

Our industrial gas supplies include oxygen, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and helium. We can also offer speciality gases for medical applications, gas mixtures and welding and cutting gases.

Our products offer customers, from a wealth of industry sectors, industrial gas will dramatically improve their productivity, quality and environmental performance.


Liquefied Gas

We offer a selection of liquefied gas in bulk. They are liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide, liquid hydrogen, and liquid helium.

Liquefied gas is usually stored at a low temperature and when it is needed it is vaporised for use. The storage and use of liquefied gas is often utilised for cryogenics.

Equipment Installation Maintenance and Inspection

Our equipment installation maintenance and inspection service covers hydrogen installations, gas generators, cryogenic tanks, process equipment that uses gas, mixing panels and gas distribution services.

We offer regular equipment installation maintenance and inspection of equipment owned by customers and provide it within our service plus programme.

The gas distribution systems we install for cylinder gases are installed by our GISTM services.

Inspections and Safety Audits

We provide professional inspections and safety audits because we believe that nothing is more important than safety. Injuries and accidents are preventable and safety is a management responsibility and an individual responsibility.

Quality inspections and safety audits will reduces downtime and losses and highlight safety issues before they become inevitable. It is essential to adopt good working practices from the beginning and create a workplace that operates within these safety measures at all times.

We provide our customer's with an industry recognised safety inspection that will enhance your business.

Testing and Analysis

Our testing and analysis ensures you have the highest quality gas in your processes. We manufacture and supply gases to exceptional high standards and ensure quality through the testing and analysis of your pipework systems.

Early diagnosis of any faults in your pipework system is vital for better and precise control of variables in the quality equation.

Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR 2000)

The pressure systems safety regulations, or PSSR 2000, give responsibility to individuals within companies to provide information in relation to pressure systems. The duties are handed to the organisation's 'Competent Person' and it is their job to reach compliance with pressure systems safety regulations.

We can help your organisation gain site compliance for PSSE and help establish the competence needed for this role.

The 'Competent Person' must learn to advise the user on the scope of the written scheme, carry out examinations under the written scheme and draw up and certify schemes for examination.

Dangerous Substances Explosive Atmosphere Regulations - DSEAR

The dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres regulations (DSEAR) came into force in 2002 and combines two European directives: the requirements of the explosive atmosphere directives and the chemical agents directive.

We offer support and guidance for companies looking to work in accordance with the dangerous substances and explosive atmosphere regulations, enforced by the HSE and applies to any business working with dangerous substances.

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER 98)

The provision and use of work equipment regulations applies to risks resulting from using mobile work equipment. Work equipment covers a range of applications and includes both manually operated and power operated equipment.

We can help your company achieve compliance with provision and use of work equipment regulations if you are user of industrial gases and provide specific operator training, group training to combine shift patterns.

Our support can be site-based or at one of our own locations.

Equipment and Services

Our equipment and services include a range of tunnel freezers, electronic equipment for industry, MSDS, gas distribution networks, healthcare equipment, gas generators, and gas management systems.

We also provide equipment and services like transport emergency cards, speciality gas equipment, gas installation services, speciality gas mixture selectors, welding gas selector, and a variety of speciality gas equipment.

Performance Materials

Our performance materials include an extensive assortment consisting of chemical overviews, epoxy additives and resins, personal care polymers, and polyurethane additives.

Performance materials also include polyurethane curatives and intermediates, speciality amines, sufactants, defoamers and pigment dispersing as well as pigment dispersing additives and fluorination and electronics specialities.

Modes of Supply

Our modes of supply for welding gas selector include gas bottles or cylinders, multi-bulk tanks and APEX emergency gas supply.

Modes of supply for balloon helium consist of supplier location, liquid and bulk cases and onsite gas generation. We also cater for homecare medical service and provide helium for inflating balloons for decoration.


Our equipment and service provides quality gases for an expansive selection of markets and sectors. We can provide safe and reliable gases for the aerospace sector, for analytical laboratories, biomedical companies, food and beverage, and civil engineering.

Markets benefiting from our services also include cryogenics, electronics, environmental and wastewater treatment, metal fabrication, metal production, modified atmosphere packaging, pulp and paper, rubber, and plastics.

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