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Air Pumping Ltd has been trading from East London for 35 years, serving the fluid transfer and diaphragm pumps industry as the top distributor for major brands including Ingersoll Rand / ARO, Wilden Pump, Graco, DEPA, Blagdon, SandPIPER, Yamada, Sotera Pumps, Versa-MATIC, SSP, Sanseal and more. Air Pumping Ltd. are your UK Diaphragm Pumps specialist.

We source diaphragm pumps straight from the manufacturer, and our long standing knowledge and experience of pumps means we can supply our customers with the best specified product for their needs. From diaphragm pump units, to kits, spares, in-house/on-site repairs, we have a solution to your pump transfer.

We offer installation and bespoke construction options on a variety of our own products, with niche systems for many needs, including the Varimix anti-freeze and water mixing machine, ADP auto drain plugs and Viper pressure test rigs; designed, built and developed in house. You can find out more about these on our homepage,

We run a large hire air pump fleet with most construction options available off-the-shelf, with port sizes ranging from ½" right up to 3", and next day delivery as standard. The majority of our units come on trolleys for ease of portability, and all pumps come fitted with air regulators and claw fittings for easy installation. Check out our hires site at where you can see our trolleys and prices for some of the more basic hire pumps.

For a diaphragm pump, process pump, or an ink pump system, or for spares, rams, air motors, agitators and pump hires, we are here to make things easy.

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