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Vehicle Aircon Specialists

We come to your home or business with our specialised AC service vans to investigate and repair faults with your car air conditioning. Any fool can add refrigerant and make the aircon colder but it needs hightech equipment and specialised knowledge that generally only a specialist would possess to ensure that your car will stay cool.

We diagnose AC problems, replace parts or possibly repair if faulty or leaky, then evacuate, recharge and test performance.

Vehicle Aircon Specialists

Air Conditioning in Vehicles

We try to cover an area of south eastern England extending from London about 50 miles south east into the county of Kent.

For FAQs, general information, tips and hints on Air Conditioning in Vehicles please visit

 Air Conditioning in Vehicles

Vehicle Demisting

Vehicle Demisting can be a real problem at certain times of the year, contact us for your solution to the problem.

Auto airconditioning and climate control diagnosis, information and FAQ's. Vehicle aircon problems with compressors, condensers, evaporators and receiver driers. Information for car owners on car air conditioning and climate control system. Repair and recharge information including R12 and R134a refrigerants and AC conversions from R12 to R134a. Bad smells from AC system. Trucks, automobiles, vans, RV's, SUV's, cars and industrial vehicles all use similar airconditioning components and systems so this information is relevant to all. Hints and tips for the better use of your airconditioning or climate control system and ways to emulate climate control with just a simple air conditioning system.


Vehicle Demisting


With more than three billion vehicles projected to be on the road in the near future, it is critical to minimize not just their energy use, but also their environmental impact, which is where a next-generation refrigerant can help.

R1234 yf

2006 EU Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) Directive mandates that all new car types have a next-generation refrigerant with a GWP of less than 150 as of January 2011. From 2017 on, this standard will apply to all new cars.

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