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  1. Agricultural Air Conditioning

    Agricultural Air Conditioning
    At Aircon Direct For Cars, we are full members of the NFU, offering exceptional agricultural air con services such as servicing, repairs and replacements. We understand that it is important to have machinery running all year round, so we offer flexible working hours and provide effective solutions that will get agricultural air cons running again swiftly. For replacement parts, we have access to numerous parts at competitive prices.
  2. Agricultural Climate Control

    Agricultural Climate Control
    To ensure your agricultural equipment is running at full speed and continues to create a comfortable working environment, we extend our diagnostic, repair and replacement aircon services to include agricultural climate control. Being a member of the NFU, we understand the importance of providing flexible working hours to act swiftly and quickly as many agricultural activities are weather dependant.We also offering a huge range of parts a competitive prices, so our experienced team are able to provide an effective service at an affordable price.
  3. Ambulance Air Conditioning

    Ambulance Air Conditioning
    There are few vehicles that we haven't worked on. So if you require ambulance aircon repairs, servicing or replacements, our experienced team are on hand to help. We work with many main dealerships from cars to HGV, using the latest in electronic diagnostics equipment to provide you an effective and reliable service throughout. So if you require a replacement intercooler or repairs on a leaking component, contact us today to find out more information on our services.
  4. American Car Air Conditioning

    American Car Air Conditioning
    As well as providing a huge range of repair and replacement services for UK cars, we also specialise in American car aircons. With modern cars requiring unique expertise and knowledge, our dedicated team have both the skills and specialist equipment to provide an effective service no matter the vehicle. The types of services we provide include:
    • Refrigerant analysis
    • Part replacement
    • Electronic diagnostics
    • Part repairs
  5. Car Accident Body Repair Air Conditioning

    Car Accident Body Repair Air Conditioning
    For comprehensive, car accidental body repairs for air conditioning in the South East then look no further than Aircon Direct For Cars. Most of our work is dedicated around accident repairs for both individuals and trade services, covering a huge range of vehicles. Once the initial repairs have been completed we recharge and test all air conditioning units to strict legislations assuring our customers an exceptional service.
  6. Car AC Compressor Noise

    Car AC Compressor Noise
    At Aircon Direct For Cars, we are specialists with offering various troubleshooting solutions including car AC compressor noise. As well as offering self-diagnosis advice to determine initial faults, we have a whole range of specialist equipment to provide reliable and cost effect solutions in the repairing or replacing of parts. Based within the South East of England, we offer a mobile service so we can react quickly to requests either at home or businesses at hours to suite you.
  7. Car Air Conditioning Compressor Replacement

    Car Air Conditioning Compressor Replacement
    Where other main dealerships or general garages may charge astronomic prices for replacing generic parts, at Aircon Direct For Cars, we provide car aircon compressor replacements at competitive prices. We have specialist equipment to assess parts, verify if these need replacing or simply repairing, potentially saving you both time and money.Should new parts be required, our dedicated suppliers are able to provide us with prices that usually fall well below general manufacture prices. We stock the most frequently required parts, but if you need additional parts we are able to obtain these within as little as 24 hours.
  8. Car Air Conditioning Service

    Car Air Conditioning Service
    Our car aircon services include troubleshooting, repairs, and recharge solutions for numerous makes and models. We provide a mobile service, allowing us to offer both home and business operations within the South East. Using the very latest in electronic diagnostic equipment we are able to offer reduced costs for all our services compared to other main dealerships or garages.We are fully accredited to work on car aircon systems, offering specialist knowledge in effectively repairing or replacing parts. Should you require a specialist part we are able to acquire this from our stock suppliers in as little as 24 hours.
  9. Car Compressor Replacement

    Car Compressor Replacement
    We offer car compressor replacement for various models and makes. We have a wealth of knowledge to offer you an effective and affordable service in replacing or repairing existing compressors to get your vehicle running at full capacity again. For more information on specific vehicles or costs please contact us
  10. Car Condenser Leaking

    Car Condenser Leaking
    For car condenser leaking, we test the pressure of the refrigerant systems and offer various diagnostic solutions to test the condenser system. Once a leak has been found, we have a huge range of specialist equipment to offer a professional and effective repair service at an affordable price. Our services include a large portion of the South East, but for more information please contact us.