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There is an Airdri washroom warm air hand dryer for every kind of washroom application and the dryers incorporate the very latest technology including surface mounted components and microprocessor control.

At Airdri, we believe in providing a complete dryer solution for washrooms.

Our manufacturing is backed by a range of support services, including warm air dryer installation, outright product purchase, dryer rental, and regular dryer servicing.

Classic + Washroom Warm Air Dryer

The Classic+ is a hand dryer with exceptional drying performance coupled with the lowest noise levels in its class. The ultimate in modern, efficient washroom hand dryers, the Classic+ is perfect for all high traffic applications.

Classic High Performance Hand Dryer

The Airdri Classic is a performance hand and face dryer, tough enough for high traffic areas.

The Classic, an industry-leading design is extremely durable with the option of aluminium die-cast housing or superior, vitreous enamelled cast iron cover. The result is a hand and face dryer suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty applications including factories and catering establishments as well as larger offices and hotels

Contour Washroom Hand Dryer

The Airdri Contour series are highly effective dryers available in a range of functional, modern designs.

The stylish Contour series dryers are available in both rugged ABS plastic and either brushed or polished stainless steel finishes. Contour is a cost-effective dryer that is ideal for applications such as restaurants, hotels, offices and hospitals.

Hand Dryers

The Cub dryer features a stylish ABS plastic housing, together with proven motor, fan and heater technology. Offering exceptional quality at low cost, the Cub is ideal for all low traffic washrooms

Ecologically-Sound Washroom Warm Air Hand Dryers

Everyone knows we have a duty to preserve precious natural resources for the future. That is why it is so important to fit washrooms with environmentally friendly warm air hand dryers. Quite simply, they are a more responsible choice because there is no need to fell trees to produce paper towels. Warm air hand dryers also eliminate the cost of paper towels and the mess and waste they cause, once soiled. Plus, they work 24/7/365 using negligible energy.

More than this, warm air hand dryers are extremely hygienic because there is no risk of cross-infection from soiled towels. Nor is there any pollution from detergents used to wash roller towels.


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