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  1. Cam Follower Bearings (Track roller bearings)

    Cam Follower Bearings (Track roller bearings)

    Track roller bearings or cam roller bearings are designed to run on all types of tracks and to be used in cam drives, conveyor systems, etc. These bearings have a thick-walled outer ring, which enables them to accommodate shock loads, while reducing distortion and bearing stresses.

    The outer ring running surface is crowned as standard. This is beneficial for applications where angular misalignment relative to the track may occur or where the edge stresses need to be minimized. They are also available with a cylindrical (flat) outer ring running surface.

    Instead of an inner ring cam follower bearings have a solid stud (pin) that is threaded so that the bearing can be quickly and easily attached to machine comoponents by means of a hexagonal nut.