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We design and manufacture bespoke heat recovery ventilation to enable you to solve any environmental problems and help you to make sure you are working in the best working conditions. 

The main principals of heat recovery ventilation include heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. This climate control system is designed to regulate the humidity and temperature of the air in a building and ensure there is fresh air available to the people inside a building. These functions have been developed into a HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) system to suit modern building designs.

Ventilation Systems

We manufacture a variety of ventilation systems which vary in shape, size and application depending on your individual requirements. The three types of ventilation systems are natural, controlled and combined. The natural system works by using fresh oxygen to improve air quality and is a cost effective method that uses strategically placed natural vents. A controlled system is a more expensive option but is a more effective method of controlling air flow quality. By having elements of both natural and controlled systems, the combined system has the most benefits but is most expensive. The combined system is ideal for high or fluctuating climates. 

Fume Extraction

Fume extraction involves safely extracting harmful fumes or dust from inside a structure. We can do this by allowing the air to flow through a filter box to remove the impurities. Our fume extraction systems are ideal for situations where there are toxic fumes or fine particles which could potentially cause damage or problems.

Acoustic Housing

Acoustic housing has been designed to reduce noise levels and protect the workforce and their well-being. We can manufacture bespoke acoustic housing depending on the purpose, level of noise, size and shape required. These work by absorbing the noise and preventing it from escaping. They can be used in factories, laboratories, retail malls and apartment complexes.

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