AirPress Developments


AirPress are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Vacuum Press systems. AirPress have been designing and manufacturing vacuum pressing systems for over 21 years and our vacuum presses have become renowned for their quality, reliability, efficiency and great value.

Our customers range from the leading furniture and cabinetmakers, kitchen manufacturers, boatbuilders, shopfitters and joiners, automotive (Rolls Royce and Bentley Motors) schools and universities, to musical instrument makers and the smaller workshop.  They are easy to use and produce excellent results for all those involved in veneering and laminating of wooden components and thermoplastic materials.

Bag Press

AirPress design and build the best quality vacuum press systems on the market. Our complete range of portable bag press systems, range from the Standard AirPress for the amateur woodworker, to the Professional, Pro Plus and Industrial AirPress for the Professional woodworker.

Our Pro Plus and Industrial Bag Press systems come with a 600 micron seamless flexible polyurethane bag. Each AirPress Vacuum Press comes comes ready for use straight away and includes all the high quality fittings expected in the professional workshop. Excellent results for trouble free veneering and laminating! Visit our website email us at or call us to talk about your requirements on 01725 514426.

Vacuum Membrane Press

AirPress's new BenchPress VMP, is the latest Vacuum Membrane Press designed and built by AirPress adding to its range of Vacuum Pressing Systems. It is designed to make veneering and laminating flat and shaped components easier than ever and is also perfect for thermoforming solid surface materials when fitted with a silicone membrane. The BenchPress comes in 2 sizes - Vist our website or call us on 01725514426 for more details.

Vacuum Membrane Press-Self Assembly

For those who would like to own a quality Vacuum Membrane Press, but don't have the budget we have developed the Self-Assembly BenchPress Membrane Press. It comes in kit form with full instructions and parts to build your own vacuum membrane press. Just add a sheet of melamine faced chipboard for the platen, assemble the kit and within a few hours you will have your own quality rubber membrane press. Complete the kit with one of our AirPress Vacuum Pumps for maximum efficiency.

Veneer Glue and Adhesive

Our choice of adhesives for veneering and laminating wood based materials is based on a number of practical considerations: Ease of use, reliability, cost, open time, pot life and pressing time. We have short listed just two adhesives that meet these criteria: a D3 cross linking PVA (polyvinyl acetate) and a UF (urea formaldehyde) resin

Glue Spreaders

Our 180mm wide glue spreaders make light work of spreading your adhesive quickly and consistently, with a choice of sponge rollers for PVA and rubber rollers for UF-Resin.

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