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All you need to know about radon gas. How to detect it and banish it from your home, workplace and other buildings

Radon Gas, what it is

Radon gas - what it is, the health risks, measurement and action levels.

Radon gas is produced during the radioactive decay of radium which comes from uranium. It is also referred to as Radon-222 and is often described as the daughter of the radioactive decay of radium.

It occurs naturally through the presence of uranium in most rocks, soils, bricks and concrete.

Radon Map England & Wales

Check radon levels where you are.

A nationwide survey carried out by the National Radiological Protection Bureau, a government body, showed that most homes in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland had an average level of approximately 20 becquerels per cubic metre (Bq m3). This is fairly low as the current ‘Action Level’ - the point at which the Health Protection Agency advises homeowners take steps to reduce indoor concentrations of radon - is 200 Bq m3.

Radon Map Scotland

Radon Map Scotland

Radon Map Northern Ireland

Radon Map Northern Ireland

Testing For Radon Gas

Testing for radon gas

Measurement begins with the installation of small passive radon test units in the most widely used rooms of a dwelling – usually the lounge and bedrooms. The presence of radon causes invisible damage to the plastic inside the detectors and these changes can be measured and used to calculate the radon level. Analysis and the reporting of individual results are entirely confidential.

 We offer a 10 day rapid review service or a 90 day comprehensive test. 

Radon Myths and Facts

Radon Myths

Myth: Radon causes leukaemia or other cancers

Fact: There is clear evidence that radon causes lung cancer, but studies of the risks of other cancers have not demonstrated a risk from radon

Myth: Radon is good for you - there are radon spas in other countries

Fact: The evidence from epidemiological studies shows that even radon exposures below the UK Action Level carry a risk of lung cancer

More Myths and Facts

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