AIS Advanced Inspection Services

AIS are experts in product inspection and recovery, providing maximum consumer safety whilst ensuring absolute confidentiality to protect your brand's integrity.

AIS are ISO accredited to help you meet HACCP, GFSI and GMP requirements; we will put your product safely back in the distribution chain faster than any other company and provide a comprehensive product  inspection service at the very best price – ensuring brand protection when you need it most.

We deal with potential product recall problems quickly and efficiently; our skilled and experienced technicians use the most advanced x-ray inspection techniques and equipment available which can be customised to requirements for limitless types of products and packaging. 

Working with manufacturers and distributors in the UK and throughout Europe, our product inspection, safety testing and product recovery services cover a broad range of industries from pharmaceuticals and personal care products to toys, electrical goods and food.

Food Inspection

Food inspection offers a fast and cost-effective solution to many common contaminant and food safety issues, allowing inspection of the food without unpacking the products. 

Our x-ray inspection services are highly effective for contamination detection and quality checks in all types of packaged and non-packaged food including canned, foil wrapped and glass packaged food and liquids, plus bakery and confectionery products.

AIS can provide continuity of quality standards and a higher level of detection performance than your in-line inspection equipment can provide, able to detect physical contaminants including the smallest metal and glass fragments, recover under-filled pies and detect missing components in single items to cases and multi-packs.

Food Inspection

Inspection of Canned Food

It is one of the most popular forms of food packaging, yet it can be difficult to detect contamination - particularly a suspected metal contaminant - after filling the can.

AIS are able to offer a complete range of x-ray inspection services for canned food including in-case inspection (for large metal contaminants and filler nozzles), small metal contamination detection (down to 1mm sphere or 0.4mm wire fragments in single cans), plus stone, glass and bone detection, under-fill and low-sauce fill detection.

Inspection of Canned Food

Glass Contamination in Food

Glass is appealing due to it's high quality appearance, yet this type of packaging for food products is prone to glass contamination within the jar, bottle or container.

Within AIS' inspection facilities, advanced x-ray equipment is used to deal with glass contamination including detection of large glass or metal parts in trays of products, small glass, stone or metal fragments in single containers, under filled jars and containers or product agglomerates, plus certain types of neck and glass container faults.

Glass Contamination in Food

Foil Wrapped Food Inspection

Foil-wrapped food packaging often incorporates superior metalised films within their manufacture; as a result, foil packaged food and sachet contamination can be difficult to detect using conventional metal detection techniques, particularly if it's a stainless steel or non-metallic contaminant.

AIS X-Ray can offer an efficient and speedy x-ray inspection service for this type of packaging, even if the food is frozen. Able to detect large metal or dense fragments in whole case inspection or small metal, glass, stone, or bone fragment in individual packs, AIS' inspection equipment can also detect under-filled or missing components in multi-component trays and electrical cable covering and other dense plastics and rubber.

Foil Wrapped Food Inspection

Bakery & Confectionery Inspection

AIS are highly experienced in dealing with problems that are specific to bakery and confectionery contamination.

Highly efficient x-ray inspection systems can recover the smallest stainless steel sieve wire fragments and easily detect mineral stones and glass, plus carry out product agglomerate detection (even in in coated cereal products), recover under-filled pies and missing components in multi-pack food products.

Bakery & Confectionery Inspection

Fat Analysis

AIS has recently added Fat Analysis and Chemical Lean (CL) measurement to their range of food inspection services, with the Eagle FA720 Pack system.

The FA system can simultaneously detect contaminants and inspect beef, pork or lamb – in cartons and vacuum-packaged frozen blocks – to provide an accurate CL measurement in real-time.

Find out more about this invaluable service for meat producers and processors and how it can help your business gain regulatory compliance and prepare for unexpected events that may lead to a product recall.

Fat Analysis

Pharmaceuticals Inspection & Product Recovery

The pharmaceuticals industry must maintain the highest standards of product safety at all times.

AIS' advanced inspection systems are a highly effective way of dealing with a range of potential product recovery problems that can arise in a vast range of products and packaging technologies used within medical and pharmaceutical packaging plus home and personal care products.

Our x-ray equipment offers a higher level of detection performance than your on-line equipment can provide and a cost-effective method of ensuring continuity of quality standards when CCP has failed.

Below is just a sample of problems that our x-ray inspection services can detect and resolve, often without the need to remove the product from its packaging:

  • Missing tablets in blister packs
  • Missing instruction leaflets or components
  • Incorrectly assembled devices or incomplete packs
  • Small metal fragments, even in packaging containing metal parts
  • Small glass fragments, even within glass containers
  • Contaminated medical dressings or dressings trapped in the seal
Pharmaceuticals Inspection & Product Recovery

Toy Safety Testing & Inspection

The children’s toys and games industry must follow the highest safety standards at all times and a rapid response is essential when a toy recall or safety issue arises.

AIS are on-hand to offer a fast, confidential and reliable toy safety testing and inspection service at any stage of product recovery, often without unpacking the goods.

Our inspection systems can detect broken needles, metal fragments and dangerous items in toys and toy packaging as well as incorrectly filled soft toys and missing components in games, novelty goods and gifts.

Toy Safety Testing & Inspection

Electricals Inspection

AIS provide reliable and accurate x-ray inspection services to electrical goods manufacturers and related industries using high resolution x-ray systems capable of sub-millimetre detection down to 0.2mm. On-hand to offer a rapid and confidential safety testing service at any stage of electrical product recall, AIS can provide:

  • The ability to ‘look inside’ without unpacking or disassembling the goods
  • Detection of missing or broken electrical components or connections
  • Metal detection and detection of other physical contaminants
Electricals Inspection

Quality Endorsed Company

AIS X-Ray can perform a wide-range of in-line quality checks for food and pharmaceutical products including:

  • Measuring mass
  • Monitoring fill levels
  • Counting components
  • Detecting missing or broken parts
  • Inspecting seal integrity
  • Identifying damaged packaging

We offer a broad range of advanced inspection equipment and applications for small, medium and large size packaging with detection down to 1mm in single cans or cartons.

Our x-ray inspection systems adhere to the very best industry standards, delivering the highest sensitivity and ensuring accuracy and reliability, plus we offer while-you-wait evaluations and a fast turnaround, helping you avoid customer complaints, safety scares and product recalls.

AIS are a member of Campden BRI.

Quality Endorsed Company

Confidential Product Inspection

AIS' inspection service can assist you in ensuring that you meet your required compliance standard whatever business sector you operate in, and you are assured the utmost confidentiality.

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AIS Advanced Inspection Services Overview