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 Aish Technologies’ range of Rugged Multifunction Consoles has been designed to offer the shipbuilder and systems integrator a console to suit all applications and locations. The range covers single, double and triple display variants, each with options for processing and display size and resolution. The consoles are the latest in a range that builds on Aish Technologies’ experience in designing operator workstations since the 1970’s, initially as Versatile Console System (VCS) consoles, through CRT display consoles used for Command and Control and Sonar applications, to the current multifunction consoles based around LCD flat screen display  and multi-core processing technologies.

Current successes include the Combat Management System and Platform Management System consoles for the Type 45 Destroyer, with over 200 consoles delivered, and the new Common Console, which will be the generic console for Astute Class submarines, fitted throughout the vessel from Boat 4 (HMS Audacious) onwards.

Because Aish Technologies is a specialist console and display provider, we can more easily tailor our standard configurations to meet specific customer needs and requirements. These changes can include those required to cater for different human factors, environmental performance, size limitations and mounting arrangements, as well as variations in controls etc to suit different system applications.

In addition, we have gained considerable expertise in the upgrade of in-service operator consoles by inserting new processing and display technology. Upgrades can prove a cost-effective and environmentally beneficial way of improving performance and overcoming obsolescence.

Electronics Cabinets

Aish Technologies has provided rugged electronics cabinets and racks for many years. Aish enclosures house Communications and Weapon Systems electronics across the fleet. The cabinets can be designed to house bespoke military or COTS modules, in a variety of form factors and sizes, from 19" mounting racks to transportable enclosures.  Great care is taken in optimising the designs for thermal management, EMC and environmental performance by utilising the latest 3D, FEA and CFD thermal modelling.

  For mission systems electronics on the Royal Navy's latest Astute Class submarines, Aish has produced a new water-cooled electronics cabinet that dissipates 50% more heat and has 50% more usable sub-rack space than its predecessor, at a greatly reduced cost.  This cabinet incorporates a number of innovative ideas that has resulted in a major design award.

 also designing a rugged blade server as a key component in the move to a ship-borne virtual computing environment.

Electronics Cabinets

Flat Screen Displays

Aish Technologies displays are used both in our own console systems and as display upgrades in third party consoles. The current display range is from 8.4" to 24", the largest size being in 16:10 aspect ratio. Popular sizes include 18.1” and 21.3” 4:3 aspect ratio units: these are ideal for operator consoles and panel mounting into control desks.

The display range includes Panel PC variants that add processing and touch mask, enabling them to be used for a variety of applications from local system control to web browsing.

Aish screens have become the displays of choice for combat systems across the Royal Navy fleet, and are being retro-fitted into a number of legacy systems such as Sonars 2054 and 2076 and the Nautis Command System. Careful design and the use of the very latest Commercial Off The Shelf LCD matrices and electronics have resulted in screens that can present constantly-refreshed data such as sonar lofargrams without resorting to complex flicker-reduction circuitry.

Flat Screen Displays

Low Signature Cathodic Protection

Protection against corrosion has become a major factor in submarine through-life costs, where efficient protection can extend the period between dry docking. The Aish Technologies Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system combines a comprehensive shield against galvanic currents with an extremely low electrical signature, which reduces the threat of detection by mines and other assets. The Aish solution is modular and scalable, allowing the system to be tailored to suit expected mission profile, platform configuration and bud get.

Aish Technologies’ Low Signature ICCP systems are in service on a number of UK and US platforms. We are currently also working on a low-voltage system that will protect difficult-to-access seawater systems such as cooling systems, ballast tanks, sea boxes etc whilst maintaining or improving the vessel’s signature.

Military Vehicle - Components

Borne out of our work with motorsport companies such as Prodrive and MIRA, we have carved a niche in the supply of specialist military vehicle parts where Aish Technologies’ combination of state-of-the-art fabrication facility and responsive programme management style can add value to our customers’ products. This combination has been so successful in providing quick turn-round parts that a number of bidders for UK military vehicle programmes have employed Aish to manufacture, modify and remanufacture prototype vehicle parts as they have honed their offerings in time for ‘Trials of Truth’ competitions.

Our work in military vehicle components is not limited to prototypes however. We have proved cost effective in the delivery of production builds, for instance on the British Army’s new Foxhound and Rummage patrol vehicles, and continue to be a key supplier to the military vehicle industry for components such as:

• Bar armour
• Chassis (including mine-protected)
• Sub-frames
• Fuel tanks
• General fabricated assemblies
• Machined components
• Weapon mounts
• Wiring looms

Military Vehicle - Components

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For more information about why Aish Technologies is a leading technology and advanced manufacturing company with an enviable record of innovation & design throughout the industry then please watch our video via our YouTube channel.

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