Aish Technologies Ltd

 Aish Technologies’ range of Rugged Multifunction Consoles has been designed to offer the shipbuilder and systems integrator a console to suit all applications and locations. The range covers single, double and triple display variants, each with options for processing and display size and resolution. The consoles are the latest in a range that builds on Aish Technologies’ experience in designing operator workstations since the 1970’s, initially as Versatile Console System (VCS) consoles, through CRT display consoles used for Command and Control and Sonar applications, to the current multifunction consoles based around LCD flat screen display  and multi-core processing technologies.

Current successes include the Combat Management System and Platform Management System consoles for the Type 45 Destroyer, with over 200 consoles delivered, and the new Common Console, which will be the generic console for Astute Class submarines, fitted throughout the vessel from Boat 4 (HMS Audacious) onwards.

Because Aish Technologies is a specialist console and display provider, we can more easily tailor our standard configurations to meet specific customer needs and requirements. These changes can include those required to cater for different human factors, environmental performance, size limitations and mounting arrangements, as well as variations in controls etc to suit different system applications.

In addition, we have gained considerable expertise in the upgrade of in-service operator consoles by inserting new processing and display technology. Upgrades can prove a cost-effective and environmentally beneficial way of improving performance and overcoming obsolescence.

Aish Technologies Ltd Overview