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AIT Components Ltd has been successfully manufacturing and distributing inductors, surface mount inductors, high voltage ignition coils, RFID Transponder Coils and power supplies for over 20 years. The company is recognized as a specialist Distributor supplying custom and standard products from highly efficient high tech partner factories based in Europe and the Far East. Through the years, we have been innovative in both design and manufacturing, helping customers to select and specify only the most appropriate components for their designs leading to our well deserved Supplier of Choice status with many leading electronics manufacturing companies.

Surface Mount Power Inductors

AiT Components provide a complete range of surface mount power inductors for general DC-DC switching, hand held applications and high operating temperature versions for automotive applications.

AiT manufacturing plants are structured for high volume, cost effective manufacturing for both standard and custom designs, typically samples are shipped within 10-15 days.

High Voltage Gas Ignition Coils

AIT Components is a leader in the design and manufacture of high voltage gas ignition coils and high voltage transformers. We offer a comprehensive range of spark ignition coils to suit a wide range of applications and products. Our unique manufacturing process with advanced polymer and vacuum potting technology ensures

that AIT products exhibit very high breakdown voltages as well as excellent 'life' performance in extreme environments 

Current Transformers

AIT Components manufactures a range of PCB mount current transformers ranging from 40 Amps to 250Amps with a frequency range of 20Hz to 400Hz and an operating temperature range of -40 to +85 Degrees C. 

The PBT94V0 case is burn resistant and Insulation resistance is 500VDC >100Meg Ohms. Typical applications include kilowatt hour meters and electrical monitoring systems. Custom design and options available 

RFID Coils

AIT Components manufactures and distributes a complete range of RFID coils and transponder coils.  We offer single and 3 axis coils specifically designed for automotive, asset tracking  inventory management and medical applications. Most of our coils are designed to work at 125kHz but customer specific and custom specification are available

Telecoms Transformers

Manufactured and distributed by AIT Components the ER series of surface mount transformers offer truely dynamic solutions in a range of popular package sizes including. Windings can be customised to suit customer specifications. Applications include EL, and CCFL backlight inverters as well as AC-DC / DC-DC converters. and switching power supplies 

Power Supplies

AIT Components distributes a complete range of industrial power supplies including DIN rail types ranging 48 to 450watt, enclosed power supplies rated from 15 watt to 500 watts, plus semi enclosed and open frame types Many of our power supplies are UL approved and come with a three year warranty.

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