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An AIT data centre audit provides a detailed report which is based on the EU Code of Conduct for data centre best practice. The report, based on our data centre audit, will have the key findings represented graphically.

Our data centre audit is based on a physical inspection of the server rooms, non-intrusive temperature readings and an assessment of the requirements of the users needs and the IT and facilities teams.

As part of our data centre audit and compliance with the code of conduct for best practice we:

  • Promote the code of conduct and best practices
  • Provide products and services to data centre owners, operators and consultants that are energy efficient.
  • Present and calculate energy efficient reports

Auditing your data centre will improve the efficiency and reduce costs as well as validating best practice and it will meet carbon reduction targets.

Our audit will make recommendations and improvements in many areas such as cooling, airflow management, power capacity and many more. Talk to us today to find out more.

Data Centre Design and Build

AIT specialises in data centre design and build, as well as as optimisation and on-going maintenance of data centres, computer and communications rooms.

The mission of our data centre team is to deliver technical excellence with world-class solutions. Our team has experience in construction and fitting out data centre spaces from switchgear and electrical infrastructure and hot and cold aisle containment, to rack and network provisioning and overall project management.

Data Centre Infrastructure Management - DCIM

AIT provide Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software and consulting services to keep you in control of your Data Centre. DCIM allows you to visualise where new servers can be best placed, plan power and network connectivity and monitor power usage across your data centre(s).

Our consulting services ensure the Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools are in-sync with reality on the ground and keep you in control.

As specialists in DCIM we recommend you approach your purchase in one of two ways:

1 - Adopting a complete DCIM solution from our DCIM Partners. These tools encompass the full facets of DCIM. Users adopt these where they want an all encompassing approach and are starting from nothing.

2- Using a best of breed component based approach with AIT PIMs (Physical Infrastructure Management solution). This strategy should be used when you already have a partial DCIM solution (already monitoring power use for instance) and wish to extend or upgrade this or would like to focus on one aspect of DCIM, perhaps asset management, and possibly extend the solution later.

Data Centre Energy Management

Facility and IT professionals are under increasing pressure to reduce energy costs, improve infrastructure efficiency and maximize use of resources from senior management concerned with rising energy costs, carbon reduction initiatives and constrained budgets.

With the growing importance of energy costs in a business, many top-level executives are looking more closely at how to control and minimize their bills for power and cooling. AIT provide a range of tools to help Facilities and IT teams plan, manage and improve their business environments, from introducing power monitoring solutions in data centres to linking disparate facilities and computer room/IT monitoring systems, provide practical data and cost savings for whole business.

Two key solutions in this area are: Branch Circuit Monitoring, a proven retrofit system for data centre owners to accurately monitor and report on power consumption to racks and sub-circuits; IT and Facilities Integration, Merging the Corporate building and computer room management systems enables big reductions in energy use.

PowerDCM - Based on Intel DCM

The Fast, Simple, Low Cost Solution to Monitor and Optimise Power, Cooling and Rack Utilisation in the Data Centre

Built on Intel’s DCM engine PowerDCM software installs in minutes to unlock the server data you need. No sensors, meters or hardware are required. The unique PowerDCM dashboard provides you with all the data you need to;

  • Identify stranded power; the difference between real and estimated power use.
  • Install more servers into existing racks to save on the costs of new rack deployments
  • Monitor the actual server inlet temperature so you can safely increase set points and save on cooling costs
  • Detect “Zombie” servers and inefficient servers

For a refreshingly easy monitoring tool talk to AIT about PowerDCM today.

Wireless LAN

AIT will conduct a Wireless LAN network site survey to ensure the feasibility of planned LAN installations. We will produce a report on the architectural, geographical, physical and electrical limitations of the site in question and the effect on a planned wireless solution.

We work with leading Wireless LAN manufacturers including Aerohive, Juniper, Rukus and Cisco to give you the very best solution to suit your budget and needs, whether for Education, Business, Health or Local Authority.

Give us a ring and discuss your needs with us today.

Point to Point Wireless

Choosing a point to point wireless network from us means you can drop those expensive leased line rental contracts. Once the point to point wireless network has been set up the link is all yours and you can take it with you.

AIT can supply and install a range of point to point wireless network technologies to suit your needs. If you have any requirements for a point to point wireless network then please contact AIT or submit an online enquiry.

Broadcast and Control Room

AIT has long experience working with the broadcast and control room infrastructure. We provide KVM products, networking and wireless equipment to link video monitors and consoles in post-production editing suites and monitoring desks to remotely located servers.

AIT can recommend the right KVM and network solutions for your broadcast and control room infrastructure so please contact us today.

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