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The Accuway range of tensile load cells from AJT Equipment is designed and built in the UK to the highest standards and from the best available materials, so that they will accurately and dependably read out the weight of any load on the hand held remote digital display in real time, making sure that all equipment and people involved in the lift are safe at all times.

Each loadcell is accurate to less than 1% of applied load, made from a highly durable, yet light, aerospace alloy and calibrated to internationally recognised standards; meaning that all of our loadcells offer the greatest levels of precision, reliability and durability available.

Tensile Testing Equipment

We supply a comprehensive range of tensile testing equipment to handle particularly large loads.

Our tensile testing equipment is designed to meet your individual requirements. We also provide you with training and certification for all aspects of machine operation. We include PC integration if required and offer after-sales and calibration services as standard.

Force Testing Machines

We are a leading and renowned force testing machines and equipment supplier. Our wide range of force testing machines includes Accuway load cells.

We have manufacturing facilities located across the UK and in the US. Our skill and experience extend to supplying and installing equipment throughout the world.

Compression Testing Load Cells

Our compression testing load cells are manufactured from excellent quality aerospace alloy that is lightweight and waterproof.

Our compression testing load cells can be mains or battery powered. They also come with a 12-month guarantee and carry case.

On-Site Tensile Testing

Our on-site tensile testing provides you with convenient repair and maintenance of your machinery.

As part of our on-site tensile testing services, we provide you with up-to-date software and hardware for your existing equipment.

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