AK Rubber and Industrial Supplies Ltd

Established in 1988, we are renowned and experienced suppliers of a comprehensive range of industrial rubber products and plastic products to a complete cross-section of industry.

The product range includes simple rubber washers, gaskets and seals, as well as sophisticated dual hardness extrusions, high-quality mouldings, rubber and plastic hoses and ducting with a wide range of associated fittings.

Rubber, Foam and Cork Sheet

We supply an extensive variety of rubber, foam and cork sheet products.

Within our range of rubber, foam and cork sheet products, we supply solid rubber sheeting available in rolls, strip or cut parts. Also available are foam and sponge products for a variety of applications and in a wide range of materials. We supply cork sheeting materials for numerous industrial requirements.

Rubber, Foam and Cork Sheet

Matting and Flooring

Matting and flooring products are available in various styles, colours and materials. These matting and flooring products include pyramid matting, rubber matting with a raised pyramid design on the surface; fine fluted rubber matting, an economic grade of ribbed rubber matting suitable for a wide range of applications; and electrical safety matting, black rubber insulating matting for use as a floor covering near electrical apparatus.

Further options include:

  • Penny stud matting
  • Checker matting
  • Stable matting
Matting and Flooring

Washers and Seals

For washers and seals, we supply the complete range. We supply rubber washers supplied to individual customer requirements, foam washers in a wide range of sizes and materials, and PTFE and plastic washers.

For more information on our range of washers and seals, visit our website.

Washers and Seals

Gaskets and Gasket Material

We are manufacturers and suppliers of an extensive variety of gaskets and gasket material. Within our eclectic gaskets and gasket material range, we provide:

  • Rubber and foam gaskets
  • Non-asbestos gaskets
  • Cork and paper gaskets
  • PTFE gaskets
  • Spiral wound gaskets
  • Graphite gaskets
Gaskets and Gasket Material

AK Rubber and Industrial Supplies Ltd Overview