Akhter Group Ltd

A Vision to Deliver the Future

As increasing reliance is placed on the Internet infrastructure in the UK, Akhter has continued to increase the breadth of its support for ICT systems. Today we deliver background services to support your computer infrastructure, plus tools and solutions to simplify the day to day administration of your network. And, most importantly, our services are delivered on time to meet the needs of your organisation.

Engaging with Akhter

How often have you heard the words "Surely that must be possible?", but have not been able to speak to anyone to confirm your belief? Engaging with Akhter's pre-sales consultants is simple and painless - we are only a phone call away. We offer you the opportunity to discuss your needs in an atmosphere of partnership and our objective is to prove you right and provide the solution you need.

Research and Development

Akhter is continually seeking to use the very latest advances in technology to provide state of the art solutions. The company invests heavily in ongoing Research and Development and, as a result, enjoys a favourable reputation as a company at the cutting edge of the technology industry. Creating new products in response to customer requirements is one of Akhter's strengths. Inventive and insightful development staff delight in taking a project from concept to completion for customers.akhter-

We Look Forward to Working with You

If you are already a customer of Akhter, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business.If the name "Akhter" is new to you, or you have never used our services before, we invite you to test the water. We think you will appreciate the level of personal service and commitment to quality that Akhter offers. We look forward working with you.

Akhter Group Ltd Overview