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We supply cold work tool steels. They are provided in various alloy combinations. They exhibit good wear resistance and toughness. Our cool work tool steels offer good machinability and dimensional stability.

They are divided into different product categories:

  • Air hardening steels
  • High carbon and high chromium steels
  • Oil hardening steels

Hot Working Tool Steels

Our hot work tool steels have been developed for forming operations. These operations are done at high temperatures, including punching, forging and shearing.

Features of our hot work tool steels are:

  • Maintaining their mechanical properties at elevated temperatures
  • High wear resistance at elevated temperatures
  • High thermal conductivity
Hot Working Tool Steels

High Speed Tool Steels

Frequently used in the manufacture of tools such a drill bits, saw blades, milling cutters, and gear cutters, our high speed tools steels are specifically manufactured to withstand increases in temperature. High speed steel can cut faster than high carbon steel.

High Speed Tool Steels

Specialist Steels

We supply a wide variety of specialist steels. These products are perfect for difficult and demanding jobs in the engineering sector. We offer a comprehensive range of high-performance specialist steels and alloys.

Our products provide:

  • Superior heat resistance
  • High temperature corrosion resistance
  • Toughness
  • Strength
Specialist Steels

Powder Metallurgical Steels

We produce different alloys by using metal powders for higher performance materials.

Our powder metallurgical tool steels have a fine, uniform carbide distribution with no segregation. They offer an excellent combination of hardness and toughness.

Powder Metallurgical Steels

Tool Steel Stockist

AKM, was established in the early 1980s. We have built a reputation as specialist steel stockholders. We also offer a consultation service in the following areas:

Tool Steel Stockist
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