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With a World wide reputation for exceptional durability the superb range of Easylift Gas Springs from Bansbach forms a major part of our inventory. The modular system of gas springs and end fittings offer versatile design solutions for a wide range of applications within numerous market sectors including transport, furniture, engineering and medical equipment.

Our long association with Bansbach has given us many years experience which enables us to respond quickly to your gas spring requirements, giving advice and assistance to help you to determine which gas spring is most suited to your particular application.

With the use of modern, environmentally compatible, high-capacity manufacturing systems and optimised production processes, we can provide rapid deliveries of:

  • Adjustable gas springs
  • Compression gas springs
  • Lockable gas springs
  • Stainless steel gas springs
  • Traction gas springs
  • Gas spring dampers
  • Gas spring end fittings
  • Gas spring connectors

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