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Alderley is a leading international supplier of liquid and gas metering systems, produced water treatment packages and metering control systems. Alderley has served the oil, gas and petrochemical industries for over 50 years with over 500 systems throughout the world - please see our reference list for full details.

Metering Systems Project Management

Alderley plc project managers are 100% focused in the oil & gas industry. With a vast knowledge of metering standards and technologies to help you meet your project needs.

Our project managers are located world wide - Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE and UK. All our facilities handle complex metering skid needs.

Metering Systems Project Management

Gas Metering Systems

Our expertise and experience delivers the system you need ranging from 2" orifice plates to 48" ultrasonic meters.

If you need a complex skid or single stream, fully integrated multi-stream gas metering solution with and analyzer house the experience and knowledge then Alderley is the company for you.

We have installed gas metering skids world wide - UK, USA, Chile, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syrian Arab Republic, Egypt, Qatar, Algeria, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

The gas metering technologies industry has a range of benefits.  With our knowledge and experience we can help you make the right choice.
Gas Metering Systems

LNG Metering Systems

The importance of LNG is reshaping the measurement industry.

With our experience and knowledge our systems have created an industry standard of transferring metering of LNG world wide.

When natural gas is cooled to approximately -162°C it condenses to a liquefied state – LNG. In this state it is 1/600th of its volume compared to its gaseous state. 

Due to advancement in technology for liquefaction of LNG it has reduced costs. There has been significant growth in the LNG trade due to the fact natural gas is a "clean" fuel (compared with fossil fuels and coal).

LNG Metering Systems

Liquid Metering Systems

We are the company for you if you need custody transfer/liquid fiscal or allocation metering requirements.

With the modern demands for liquid metering our project managers are focused in understanding the latest standards and technologies, to be able to deliver accurate liquid metering, master metering, high accuracy and calibration packages.

Metering Technologies

  • Ultrasonic
  • PD meters
  • Turbine
  • Coriolis

Carefully integrating all of your requirements providing you with total solution:

  • Sampling and analysis (water cut, density, viscosity, vapour pressure, composition)
  • Proving and calibration needs (bi-directional ball provers, compact provers, master metering, water draw calibration systems)
  • Metering control
  • Supervisory systems
Liquid Metering Systems

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