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We supply, service and provide support for oil equipment. We are the world leading producer of equipment and systems for the pumping and metering of oil, grease, water, and corrosive fluids. Our oil equipment and related products are used in road haulage and other transportation industries, and they are to be found in garages and vehicle repair shops everywhere.

We have representation in over 50 countries worldwide, and not only do we develop and market innovative products, but we also help our customers to solve their lubrication problems.

Lubrication Equipment

We are also specialists in lubrication equipment. We supply everything from oil and grease pumps, hose reels and meters, to bulk stock oil management stock control systems.

Further options in lubrication equipment and related products include a wide range of equipment for pumping, dispensing and measuring oils. Whether for a bulk oil system requiring air operated pumps and hose reels, mobile oil dispensing equipment, or manually operated drum pumps, we have the solutions.

Air Operated Oil Pumps

Air operated oil pumps are available in kit format and come with all of the necessary items for a complete pump installation. Kits for air operated oil pumps comprise of: riser tube, air line filter regulator, pressure gauge, shut off valves, oil and air hoses, quick couplings and adapters.

Please contact us for technical advice on the correct equipment specification for your application.

Grease Equipment

We supply grease equipment and provide a wide range of equipment for pumping, dispensing and measuring grease.

Whether your grease equipment requirement is for a bulk grease system requiring air operated pumps and hose reels, portable and mobile grease dispensing equipment, or a hand operated grease gun, you will find what you are looking for on our website.

  • Air operated grease pumps (55:1 and 75:1 ratio)
  • Installation accessories
  • Hose reels
  • Grease control valves and accessories
  • Mobile grease dispensers
  • Hand operated grease guns
  • Portable grease dispensers
  • Grease nozzles
  • Grease fittings

Waste Oil Handling Equipment

We provide a wide range of waste oil handling equipment. Options include air operated pumps, electric vacuum systems, hose reels and pit systems.

Our full catalogue is available in PDF format from our website. Please contact us for technical advice on the correct equipment specification for your application.

Air Equipment

We supply a variety of air equipment products, accessories and services. This air equipment includes a comprehensive range of both cased and open hose reels with hose lengths up to 20 metre, suspended air and electric power modules and a range of air line accessories.

Product guide:

  • Hose reels
  • Suspended power modules
  • Air treatment units
  • Air control valves
  • Tyre inflators
  • Quick couplings and connectors

Water-based Fluids and Detergents Equipment

We are suppliers of water-based fluids and detergents equipment. Our range of water-based fluids and detergents equipment includes products designed to handle water based fluids, including water, antifreeze, windscreen wash and detergents as well as other corrosive fluids.

Air operated pumps include a 1:1 ratio corrosion protected transfer pump and 4:1 ratio stainless steel pump. A range of cased and open distribution hose reels consisting of six different models includes the option of stainless steel. Mixing pump and distribution units along with a range of hose end control options complete the product range.

Product guide:

  • Mixing pump units
  • Air operated pumps
  • Installation kits
  • Installation accessories
  • Hose reels
  • Hose end controls
  • Sprayers
  • Hand operated drum pumps
  • Funnels and measures

Diesel and AdBlue

We supply an extensive range of Diesel and AdBlue products. These Diesel and AdBlue products include:

Please contact us for technical advice on the correct equipment specification for your application.

Hose Reels

We supply a comprehensive range of hose reels. Our hose reels options comprise of nine different series, with hose diameters from 8mm to 25mm bore and hose lengths up to 25 metre, to cater for every application.

Models suitable for oil, grease, waste oil suction, compressed air, water, anti-freeze, and other water based applications are available. These can be acquired as complete installation kits, including the required hose end control.

Hose End Control

We are suppliers of a range of hose end control products. Our hose end control products include digital commercial, pre-set and approved hose end meters, grease meters, standard and high volume oil control valves, grease control valves and control valves for air and water.

Product guide:

  • Grease control valves
  • Air water and antifreeze control valves
  • Oil and Glycol control valves
  • Digital hose end meters for oil, grease and water based products.
  • Approved digital meters
  • Line meters
  • Accessories

Monitoring Equipment

For monitoring equipment, we supply comprehensive options. The range of Orion oil monitoring and management systems are designed to suit any size of vehicle workshop. They offer the following benefits:

  • Accurate Reconciliation of Oil Purchases and Sales
  • Control and Security of Valuable Bulk Oil Stocks
  • Complete Management Accountability
  • Increased Profitability
  • Rapid Pay-back of Investment

If you have an identified oil shrinkage problem, contact us for a free.We will provide a no obligation site survey, detailed quotation and illustration of the pay-back period on investment tailored to your specific workshop. Systems are also available for industrial batching and dosing applications for oil, grease and other fluids.

Drum Handling Equipment

We offer a range of drum handling equipment designed to facilitate ease of handling, with health and safety, and environmental issues in mind. The range includes drum trolleys and cradles for various size drums, along with lifting equipment and spill containment.

Product guide:

  • Drum trolleys
  • Drum level gauge
  • Safety pallet
  • Safety drum trolley
  • Drum lifting equipment

Exhaust Extraction Equipment

For exhaust extraction equipment, we provide the leading products and equipment.

The Orion range of exhaust extraction equipment and fume extraction arms for the automotive workshop address health and safety issues such as internal combustion engine exhaust fume exposure.

The range includes the option of spring operated hose reels or fixed hose and balancer, and a comprehensive range of extractor fans, hoses and nozzles, as well as control equipment accessories.

Pump Kits

We supply pump and hose reels in complete installation kits.

All pump kits comprise have all of the necessary items for a complete pump installation including an air line filter, pressure regulator, pressure gauge, isolation valves for maintenance purposes, pump bung adapter, quick release couplings, air hose, oil distribution hose and various adapters and fittings.

Hose Reel Distribution Kits

All hose reel distribution kits include all of the necessary items for a complete hose reel installation including the required hose end control, drip holster, inlet Y strainer filter, isolation valve for maintenance purposes and required adapters to connect to the supply pipework.

Hose end control options include:

  • Standard oil control valve
  • High volume oil control valve
  • Digital commercial hose end meter
  • Digital hose end meter
  • Digital pre-set hose end meter
  • Approved hose end meter
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