Alimak Hek Ltd

It is not by chance that our product brands, Alimak and Hek, have become the world’s leading names in construction hoists, industrial lifts, mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms and material hoists as well as underground equipment for both temporary and permanent installations. It is the result of our total commitment to meet and exceed the expectations of each individual customer.

Construction Hoists

Alimak construction hoists for passengers and materials have been used for 50 years in all kinds of applications. The standard range of Alimak construction hoists offer the optimum transport solution for low rise, medium and high rise constructions of all types. Typical applications include new build construction, refurbishment, chimney/slipform, offshore and bridge construction

Industrial Lifts

Alimak rack & pinion industrial lifts are used in all kinds of industries. With these lifts, customers are better able to access, monitor and service key processes in their plants. Developed to withstand the extreme conditions of the world's most hostile environments.

Mast Climbing Work Platforms

HEK mast climbing work platforms offer safe solutions to vertical access needs. Easy to install - only two people are needed. The operating systems are reliable and fail-safe

Transport Platforms

The HEK range of GTP transport platforms - GTP Dual 500, GTP Dual 1500 and GTP Dual T 1500 - offer a fast, efficient and safe solution for transporting materials and personnel to heights of 120 m. The transport platform operates at a high speed of 24 m/min for materials or a maximum allowed speed of 12 m/min for the combined transport of personnel and materials. The large platforms with wide opening gates facilitate handling of large-sized materials such as scaffolding, plasterboards, glazing panels and palletized material

Material Hoists

Our material hoists for easy installation, versatility, safety and simplicity of use. Our material hoists feature an overload protection device, fail-safe brake system, high-grade steel rack and weather resistant pendant control.

Modular Lifting Platform

A whole series of machines can be configured consisting of mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms and material hoists. A suitable range is available for any application at height: for lighter construction activities such as sand blasting and epoxy painting and for heavy applications requiring high load-carrying capacity, such as bricklaying and facade panelling

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