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The pharmaceutical industry demands the highest standards of quality as defined by:

  • Design
  • Materials
  • Workmanship
  • GMP
  • Accuracy
  • Usability
  • Security and reliability

These same qualities have been the guiding principles for our pharmaceutical filling equipment since All-Fill was founded in 1969.
It is no coincidence that this important industry sector accounts for an increasingly significant proportion of All-Fill’s total production.


All-Fill is able to meet the widest range of customer requirements. These include individual pharmaceutical filling machines to complete turn-key lines, from fine fluffy sticky powders through to free-flowing granules. All ranges come with the option of fully integrated weight control systems. All-Fill’s support includes a full validation documentation package, with protocols and experienced personnel to assist with Installation and Operation Qualifications.

Food & Beverage Filling Machines

Suppliers of food and beverage products demand high standards of quality as defined by design, materials, workmanship, accuracy, usability and reliability. This also applies to our filling machines.
Due to the durability and flexibility of All-Fill’s filling head, an extremely wide range of products can be handled on the same filling machines with minimal change parts.

Please take a look at our Products page or download our brochure to determine which machine is suitable for you.

Chemical Filling & Agrochemical Filling

All-Fill recognise that filling machines designed and manufactured for chemical filling and agrochemical suppliers need to be manufactured from materials that will not be degraded by aggressive products.

All-stainless steel powder contact parts ensure that your All-Fill chemical filling machine will not suffer due to the products you are filling.

Please take a look at our Products page or download our brochure to determine which chemical filling machine meets your requirements.

Cosmetics & Toiletries Weigh Filling

Many cosmetic products are expensive to manufacture and therefore, minimum product giveaway is essential. All-Fill’s range of weigh filling machines ensures that the required fill accuracy is maintained and therefore reduces the amount of produce giveaway.

Please take a look at our Products page or download our weigh filling brochure to determine which weigh filling machine meets your requirements.

Series 10 Volumetric Filling Machine

The AFI Series 10 Volumetric filling machine features a choice of auger drive methods; flux vector inverter, heavy-duty clutch/brake and servo for even greater control and accuracy. As well as the freestanding version, this affordable, reliable auger volumetric filling machine can also be mounted over a clients existing line or used as an integral part of bagging, sachet or cartoning equipment.

Series 10 Gravimetric Filling Machine

The AFI Series 10 Gravimetric filling machine incorporates a weigh cell or balance to control the fill weight, thus eliminating inaccuracies caused by products of inconsistent density.

With the following weigh-fill modes available, the Series 10 Gravimetric filling machines are able to provide high-accuracy filling to minimise product giveaway:

  • 2-speed bulk fill and top-up fill
  • Bulk fill and feed forward
  • Multi-stage filling
  • Loss-in-weight filling

Series 10 Sack Filling Machine

The AFI Series 10 Sack Filling Machine is designed to accommodate a wide range of bag/sack sizes and fill weights up to 25kg. It features all-stainless steel hinged clam-shell hopper for easy cleaning-in-place, high resolution digital strain-gauge load cell, electro-pneumatic sack clamp with easy presentation guides and in-sack dust extraction nozzles.

Series 10 VFFS Filling Machine

The AFI Series 10 VFFS filling machine head provides the perfect configuration for mounting on to automatic baggers. The long auger/funnel avoids dust contamination of the bag sealing area and the sleeved mount permits rotation of the head for ease of tooling/hopper removal.

Like the other Series 10 models, the S10 VFFS filling machine comes with a choice of auger drive motors.

Series 1 Micro-Fill Powder & Granule Filling Machines

The AFI Series 1 Micro-Fill powder & granule filling machines are designed for precision dosing of powders and granules either by volume or by weight.
When linked to a precision balance, the servo-controlled unit can achieve accuracies to within 1 to 2mg.

The Micro-Fill powder & granule filling machines can be supplied as free-standing for use on-bench or with a knee-hole table incorporating the electrical controls for laboratory or pre-production use, or with a container handling package for full-scale production.

Series 5 Mini-Filler Auger Filler

The AFI Series 5 Mini-Filler Auger Filler shares the design principles of the Series 10 Volumetric Auger Filler.
It is a fully functional vertical auger filling machine, designed to be smaller, so it is suitable for bench-top use.

Available also in automatic configuration, the Mini-Filler Auger Filler’s compact design makes it ideal for production line applications where space is at a premium.

Series 100/200/400 In-line Filling Machine

The AFI Series 100, 200 & 400 filling machines are in-line automatic fillers with either one, two or four filling heads. Changing to different container sizes requires no-tools adjustment of the conveyor guide rails, indexing stop cylinders and the filling head height.

The new Pharma-specification version of All-Fill’s in-line machine comprises all AISI 316 stainless steel contact parts and features bottle neck location and lift for neck-entry dust-free filling.

Series CMR Rotary Filling Machine

All-Fill’s rotary filling machines provide high speed, high accuracy filling for a wide variety of powders and granules. With the powder path fully sealed from the bulk feed through to the container, the machine environment and containers are kept virtually dust-free. All powder contact parts are recess-free for easy cleaning and can be removed and re-assembled speedily without the use of tools.

The size of the filling machine turret, number of transfer funnels and filling heads are dependent upon the production output required, size of container neck opening and powder flow characteristics. A choice of filling machine technologies and designs with segmented funnel sections, container jogging and air-pulse transfer are available.

Series Multi-Fill Powder Filling Machine

All-Fill Multi-Fill powder filling machines consist of multiple individually controlled servo-driven augers, variable speed agitation for each auger, common product hopper and control for use on multi-station vacuum forming machines, stick pack machines, pouch-makers etc.

Each Multi-Fill powder filling machine is purpose-designed to suit the individual application.The number of filling nozzles (augers), centre distance between augers, nozzle (funnel) length, overall height etc. are matched to the host equipment.

Tooling (augers, funnels, agitation blades) is designed to suit the powders being filled, as well as the output and accuracy levels required.

Special Purpose Auger Filling Machines

Through the expertise and experience of our powder specialists and design team, All-Fill are able to offer special purpose, bespoke design and multi-function monobloc auger filling systems which can include vial stoppering, cap closing/sealing and coding.

Our design team will liaise with you throughout the design to ensure that we are satisfying your requirements. Our special purpose auger filling machinery can be controlled through a single PLC and touch-screen making it less time-consuming for the operator.

Powder Fillers Turnkey Lines

All-Fill offer clients a single-source service for all equipment they require within their powder fillers and packaging line. Machinery from specialist manufacturers who produce equipment such as container sorting and cleaning, capping, labelling, bulk feeding, metal detection and checkweighing systems. These can all be integrated with All-Fill’s powder fillers and equipment at their premises in Sandy for full line acceptance testing.

All-Fill takes responsibility for the entire line including documentation, manuals, and the assumption of warranty.
From initial client discussions, we offer a single point of contact for specification development of  turnkey lines, order placement, design and manufacture of electrical as well as mechanical interfaces, project management, installation/commissioning and after-sales support.

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