Here at ALL PSU, we are a specialist power solution provider based in Rochester, Kent. We aim to provide high quality, technically advanced power supply unit products at competitive prices together with good customer service.

Our product range is extensive and continuously growing to include high specification units from the following product groups:

AC-DC Power Supplies

From 5 Watts to 12,000 Watts
PCB Mount, 
Open Frame
Fully Enclosed,
DIN Rail,
Euro Cassette,
Rack Mount,

DC-DC Converters

From 0.25 Watt to 4,000 Watts

PCB Mount, Base-plate Cooled, Fully Enclosed, DIN Rail, Vehicle/Cold Wall Mounting, Open Frame, Encapsulated, Euro-Cassette, Rack Mount, Custom

What Do You Need?

Please contact us with the details of your requirement and we would be pleased to suggest the most suitable solution.

Our power solutions are configured from high quality manufacturers standard products including, Meanwell, Arch, Sinpro, Cosel, Vicor, IPD, Edac, Powermate, Motien, PULS, Delta, Astrodyne, Kayser and many others.

We can offer power supplies within the following markets :

  • Telecoms
  • Networking
  • Datacoms
  • Broadcast
  • Control and Instrumentation
  • Medical Electronics
  • Industrial Machines
  • Radio Systems
  • Test Equipment
  • "COTS" Military/Avionics
  • Printing
  • Displays 

DC-AC Inverters

We stock a variety of inverters for commercial and industrial use. Our reliable inverters include:

  • Pure Sine Wave Output (THD < 3%) 
  • Output Frequency 50 or 60 Hz Switch Selectable 
  • Input to Output Isolation 
  • High Efficiency 84 to 95%  
  • Tri-Colour Indicators, Input Voltage, Output Load and Failure Status. 
  • Loading Controlled Cooling Fan  
  • SC / OV / UV / OT / OL Protections 
  • 110 Volt AC Output Versions Also Available
DC-AC Inverters

Battery Chargers

We stock an impressive collection of battery chargers for a wide variety of applications. Our cost-effective battery chargers include: 

  • European / Worldwide Mains Input
  • Multi Stage Intelligent Charging On Most Units
  • High Efficiency Switch-Mode Design
  • Fully Cased Industrial Grade
  • LED Charge State Indicators
  • Many Model Available From Stock
  • Complete Range of Lead Acid Batteries
Battery Chargers

High Density DC-DC Converters

We provide a wide range of high density DC-DC converters. Our high density DC-DC converters include:

  • PCB Mounting Converters
  • Base-Plate Cooled / Open Fame / Encapsulated
  • Single Dual Or Triple Outputs
  • Class Leading Efficiencies To 93%
  • High Current Outputs To 60 Amps
  • 2 : 1 DC Inputs From 18 to75 Volts DC
  • Non Isolated Point Of Load Converters
  • AC Input Modules For Power Supply Solutions
  • High Reliability / Competitive Pricing  
High Density DC-DC Converters
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