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Alldrives & Controls Ltd – leading the way in motors, drives, PLC, automation, control systems and associated design.

It’s our goal to ensure you find a solution that’s appropriate for your application and industry, and by using our extensive knowledge base of all aspects of motors, PLC controllers, stepper motors, linear actuators etc, we’re able to propose technically sound and cost-efficient solutions for your problem.

With years of experience in the field, our team of system experts can offer advice and innovative solutions, whether you need a single motor or a full drive/control system assembled from the ground up.

Alldrives and Controls and our bespoke suppliers, well known names from across the globe, have comprehensive knowledge of linear actuators, stepper motors, PLC controllers, cryogenic, vacuum, space rated, radiation hard systems and much, much more.

Size doesn’t matter and you’ll receive the same high standard of service however large or small your needs and we’re happy to apply our technical expertise to even the most unusual of requests.

Often innovative, always practical – we welcome any challenge you present us with and have no hesitation reviewing your requirements for automation systems, including gearboxes, brushless motors, linear actuators and more. Just one call to us and we’ll demonstrate the depth of our understanding and our practical approach to a satisfactory solution.

When you talk to Alldrives and Controls, you’re networking with companies across the drive and motion industry; our range of contacts span the globe and if we cannot furnish you with the solutions you’re looking for – we’ll almost certainly know a company that can.

Alldrives & Controls are “Driving to the Future” if you want to keep ahead why not come along?
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PLC Controller

Industry leading authorised UK Distributor for Unitronics PLC controller/HMI.

PLC controllers can manage, control, and automate operations of electromechanical processes, machines, production lines and other automated applications in many industries.

Alldrives & Controls; committed partner of Unitronics and UK authorised stocking distributor, because you need the product quickly, (subject to prior sale), next day delivery on most of the Unitronics range, is standard.

As a long standing partner of Unitronics, free program training on the complete Unitronics range is available in the UK, because we are a full technical service Unitronics authorised distributor. Alldrives & Controls, can provide sound design support and advice in the optimal selection of the component parts, and control system integration.

As is the norm with Unitronics, all of the software and UK support is free from Alldrives & Controls in conjunction with Unitronics global support network.

Unitronics field proven OPLCs automate tens of thousands of installations in diverse fields: petrochemical (ATEX UL, CSA, & CE approved units available), automotive, food processing (IP66 for wash down available), plastics and Textiles, energy & environment, Building management, water & waste water management- anywhere automated processes are required.

The advantage of complete control in a single unit are less space, reduced programming, less wiring , save I/O points and reduce hardware, with panel to PLC communication built in. The PLC + HMI = OPLC Unitronics format, has stood the test of time since its inception in 1989.

Enhanced technical specifications and easy to use programming tools, combining text, graphic, with built in I/O, and full colour touch screens, are the norm in Unitronics range of Combined Programmable logic controllers and HMI’s.

System automation communication and selection of the best protocol is made easy with the OPLC range: Ethernet TCP/IP, CAN bus, CANopen, UniCAN, SAE J1939, MODBUS, BAS (Building Automation System), DF1 slave, and the recently introduced ProfiBus.

To enable communication with a wider range of third party systems, so no barrier exists for your controller to exchange data with TCP/IP-enabled devices, such as frequency converters, bar-code readers, and printers, the Unitronics range has built in (build you own) protocol and protocol TCP/IP functions.

Clients include: Coca-Cola, General Motors, Michelin, Tupperware, Intel, Bayer, Colgate-Palmolive, Bosch-Rexroth, ABB, Land Instruments, Mercedes, Agfa, Tyson foods, Pirelli, Fiat, Samsonite.

Not standing still, the new Unistream range, now in stock at Alldrives & Controls, is the latest introduction to the Unitronics expanding range of PLC control for the most discerning of control and automation systems.

We have over 80 years experience in the industry and we don’t just supply PLC controlers, motors or inverters to the industry we can also offer advice and consult for businesses providing answers and good engineering solutions.


PLC Controller

Stepper Motor

Alldrives and Controls and Nanotec have been partnered for a number of years now, providing customers with dependable support in the implementation of drive solutions.

Nanotec range of programmable stepper motor, hybrid stepper motor and BLDCs are the only choice for all your drive solutions and are available from Alldrives and Controls as we are the UK franchised  representative for this superb product.

Fast and easy – with a personal touch, now driving to the future, in partnership with All Drives & Controls.

Nanotec GmbH & Co. KG and All Drives & Controls continue to provide our customers with dependable support in the implementation of drive solutions, motors, positioning controls and appropriate solutions for most applications.

As well as the standard hybrid stepper motors with step a resolution of 1.8° or 0.9°, high-torque ST2018 series, a 20 mm NEMA 8 size to the ST11018, a 110 mm NEMA  42 size with 0.036 N.m and 25 N.m holding torque respectively are available. Also low-cost or Can-stack stepper motors are available for cost-sensitive applications.

All Drives & Controls supply customer-specific versions of Nanotec motors and positioning controls in relatively small numbers. Our engineers are able to develop optimum mechanical and electronic designs or a customised solution on request.

Nanotec regard reliability as an obligation, meeting 98 % of all confirmed delivery dates, and endeavour to keep any delays as short as possible in the remaining 2 %. In many cases, Nanotec are able to meet customer specific delivery dates, an achievement which our customers appreciate.

Reliable In-house production and broad-based warehousing mean we can react flexibly and quickly to customer wishes.

Nanotec is ISO 1401:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 certified By TÜV, registration certificate 12 100/104 22636 TMS valid until 9th June 2016.

The Compleat range of Nanotec product is available from Alldrives & Controls, the UK franchised full service and stocking representative of Nanotec Germany.

The Nanotec Vision: Fast and easy – but with a personal touch, and now driving to the future in partnership with Alldrives & Controls.

Stock held by Alldrives and Controls in the UK means we can react flexibly and quickly to customer demands as all production is done in house and we can store all stock in broad based warehousing.

As the range of Nanotec motors and solution is vast please use the contact form below to obtain further information and/or quotation.

WEG-Antriebe Motors

WEG-Antriebe, represented by Alldrives & Controls in the UK, are a key market player in the power range of 40 W to 1100 W. WEG is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2009 certified. The success is founded on quality, environmental awareness and safety. WEG develop and manufacture our own motors, gear units and electronic components in Germany.

Drive Engineering – Made in Germany. As WEG handle so many stages of the production chain, WEG are able to satisfy special requirements even at short notice. This saves you time, gives you peace of mind and enhances your productivity.

Württembergische Elektromotoren GmbH was founded in 1939 and it remains a family-run company to this day.

The company was originally founded for the volume production of starter motors for sewing machines. This meant that WEG was closely involved in the transition from group drives to transmission belts and then single drives in what was a flourishing industry. This customised drive optimisation process gradually led WEG to specialise in drives in the 40 W to 1100 W power range. The company’s product range is finely scaled and has particularly high energy efficiency standards. The finer the increments between different products in a range, the more precisely the electrical power and thus energy consumption can be tailored to requirements.

The motor is the core of any WEG drive solution. The different gear units and application-optimised motor results in drive solutions offering state-of-the-art functionality, service life and energy efficiency. Once our drives have been installed, we are proud to say that we usually never see them again.

Our core markets include industrial automation, plant and machine construction, medical technology, logistics, and several high-tech industries.

Engel DC Motors

Alldrives and Controls, representing Engel Germany in the UK, can offer a wide variety of  DC motors to our customers.

ENGEL offers a broad spectrum of high-quality DC motors with brush gear.
Engel DC Motors are available with or without gears; but always with proven quality.
High efficiencies, with high peak load through the use of premium ferrite materials and optimized magnetic systems.
Engel DC Motors offer high-quality design, steel tube housing, and externally accessible brushes.
Versatile compatibility with a comprehensive gear ratio range, parking brakes, tachometers and incremental encoder options are available. If it is not in the range then visit the Engel Special solutions option.
The complete range of Engel DC motors is available from Alldrives & Controls.

Permanent-field DC motors in a rated power range from 10 W to 750 W. Available with mounting options for parking brake, incremental encoder, worm, planetary and spur gears with torques up to 130 Nm.


Electrically excited DC motors for special applications up to 65W rated output. Gear versions with worm and spur gears.

To discuss all your DC motor needs please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Engel DC Motors


The brand that began it all.

It works as hard as you do—that’s Dayton. What started as a wholesale electric motor company in 1937, has grown into a top-notch line of motors, fans, pumps, hand trucks and belts. Crafted to exacting standards, their products have been helping businesses like yours stay up and running. The current line-up of Dayton products includes over 18,000 products in 16 different categories. It’s the brand that began it all.

Alldrives & Controls can supply the full range of Dayton products, but specialises in the Motors, Controllers and HVAC ranges from Dayton.

The key information we require is the 5 digit alpha numeric code found on all Dayton products. For example 3UV71 HVAC fan or 1L464, AC gear motor 7 RPM.

Call, or email to receive sound technical advice and a full service back up on Dayton products, we can even source the spare parts.


K B Electronics

KB Electronics, Inc.

With the full range available from Alldrives & Controls in the UK, K B Electronics provide variable speed control for AC, DC, Brushless, PSC, Shaded Pole, Universal, PMSM and EC motors, from sub-fractional through 5 horsepower. 115, 208/230, 400/460 VAC-50/60 Hz 1ø and 3ø input.Manufactures and holds inventories over 200 different models of off the shelf Variable Frequency Digital and Hybrid AC Drives (AC Inverters), Variable Speed DC Motor Controls, Brushless DC Drives, Battery DC to DC Controls and Triac Fan Controls.

AC Drives and Inverters

KB Electronics is an industry leader when it comes to providing Ready to Use, “Out-of-the-Box” Customized drives.

Alldrives & Controls , as a stocking agent for KB Electronics, can help in your selection and provide a technical and cost effect solution to your drive and control requirements, or use the handy “Build-A-Drive” selection drive.

Linking with our other agencies who supply DC and AC motors, a complete and compliant drive system from one technically knowledgeable supplier,  can be realised.

Call with your requirement.

K B Electronics

KALEJA Elektronik GmbH

KALEJA Elektronik GmbH

Is the international leading manufacturer of products in the controls for DC motors, electronic load relays, power supply and interface technology.

The full range of Kaleja products are available from Alldrives & Controls.

Magnetic spa Italy

Magnetic Spa Italy available from Alldrives & Controls

MAGNETIC SPA which belongs to FERROLI Group started manufacturing small electric motors in 1981. These motors were specifically designed to be used in conjunction with variable speed electronic drives in the field of industrial automation. The market for this type of product, and a uniquely flexible production system, has resulted in a rapid business development in both Italian and foreign markets. Magnetic is located in Montebello Vicentino (Vicenza, North-East of Italy) with a 5.600 m² factory. Click on the motor type you are looking for to find the details on the range of Magnetic motors and drives available for Alldrives & Controls are:

DC Motors: MM series.

Asynchronous vector servomotors MA Series.

Brushless Permanent magnet Servomotors BLQ and TOP series.


Alldrives and Controls can supply ABB inverters designed for the control AC motors. AC motor-driven applications that do not require full speed can save energy by controlling the motor with a inverter and in turn can convert DC energy into AC energy that can be used on the AC motor.

To discuss all your ABB inverter requirements please contact us

Cost effective PLC/HMI

Alldrives & Controls is a new company, formed on the demise of Powertronic and Sensortronics, specialising in the supply of Cost effective PLC/HMI, Encoders, DC Tachogenerators, hybrid stepper motors, Soft start and Motor Drives, control products and systems applicable to all markets. Alldrives & controls is a technically based specialised distributor and solution provider of motors, drives, PLC/HMI control systems, gear boxes and associated encoders, DC tacos and sensors.

Cost effective PLC/HMI

Specialist Motors distributor

Alldrives & controls is a technically based specialised distributor and solution provider of motors, high efficiency, Atex, hazardous area, single and three phase, servo motors, stepper motors, drives, DC control systems, gear boxes and associated encoders, DC tacos and sensors.

Specialist Motors distributor

Control Sensors supplier

From a single motor, to a full drive system, the service, the technical and solution advice is the same high quality regardless of the size, or outcome. Alldrives & control unique asset is the knowledge synergy of the founding directors, Steve, for all Motor types, John for Drives and control sensors, and Alan for control PLC systems

Linking industry to solutions is our aim, and using our selected supplier’s knowledge base enables us to propose technically sound and cost justified, practical, novel or even innovative, solutions to your problem.

Control Sensors supplier

Drive Systems

We welcome the challenge that drive systems present, and have no hesitation in reviewing your requirement so that we can show the depth of our understanding and practical solution approach.

All you have to lose is a little time and the cost of a phone call, but everything to gain.

Drive Systems

Cryogenic, Space and Radiation

Ultra High Vacuum Hybrid Stepper Motors
Stepper motors specifically designed for use in UHV/space/cryogenic and nuclear environments making them ideally suited for precision in-vacuum manipulation without the use of motion feed through. The considerable reduction in mechanical complexity, absence of metal to metal sliding surfaces and low out-gassing characteristics make these motors especially suitable for sensitive handling applications.

The model C motors are two phase hybrid stepper motors, available in a range of standard NEMA sizes and with torque ratings from 75 to 200 mNm. All motors have a step angle of 1.8° providing 200 full steps per revolution.

Suitable for use below 1 x 10-10 mB.

  • Bakeable to 200°C.
  • Operational temperature range -196°C to +175°C
  • Very low particulate generation due to the absence of sliding metal contacts.
  • Embedded thermocouple for temperature monitoring & control.
  • Open construction with all internal spaces ventilated.
  • Greatly reduced out-gassing and temperature rise due to advanced design, materials, surface finish and construction.
  • Radiation-hard versions are available. 1 x 107Gy.
  • Dedicated drive, AML type SMD2 is available.
  • Simplified connection with MLF18 feed through, cables & connectors
Cryogenic, Space and Radiation
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