Allied Protek Engineering Solutions Ltd

Protek Engineering Solutions specialises in stainless steel fabrication and machining. It operates across a number of industries, including pharmaceutical, food processing, architectural and chemical.

An established team of highly skilled and experienced engineers allows Protek to meet its clients from design through to final manufacture.

Protek Engineering Solutions was established in 2003 by the late Chris McClellan. Although a relatively young company, our growth is as a direct result of our primary business principals; delivering excellence in engineering and high standards of client service and support.

From our facilities in North East Lincolnshire, we are able to respond to clients' individual requirements on a regional and national basis. We are renowned for delivering a first-class efficient service within our core industry sectors; pharmaceutical, food processing, architectural and chemical. 

Protek specialises in fabrication and machining most grades of stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel, to produce a wide range of products for many industry sectors.

About Us

Protek is a member of IMPRESS, a project brand promoted by Humber Client/Contractor Training Association. IMPRESS is involved in employer-led projects that benefit the chemical and allied industries. In particular, manufactures or contractors working within the Humber sub-region.

The company also subscribes to the RBS Mentor, the legal arm of the Royal Bank of Scotland. This aims to ensure that small businesses are kept up-to-date with legislative developments relating to employment, health and safety. 

Protek is committed to the future development of the business. Its targets for 2008 include obtaining the quality management standard ISO 9001, and gaining the prestigious Investors In People award.

Sheetmetal work
Sheetmetal work is at the heart of Protek's operations. The company offers high quality fabrication services using a wide variety of metals.

Protek specialises in manufacturing all grades of stainless steel. Final products range from simple formed sheetmetal products, to conveying systems and larger, heavy-duty fabrications.

The machining department was established to respond to the demand for milled and turned components for manufactured machines and fabrications. Over the past 12 months the department has expanded its capacity through the addition of new machinery, floor space and employees.

Steel polishing
The pharmaceutical industry demands stainless steel items with a high quality finish. Protek's team of polishers provide a first-class, certificated surface finish, which can be tailored to meet client requirements.

A large proportion of the work undertaken by Protek is bespoke. The project department creates bespoke solutions to fulfil a clients specific requirements through the use of 2D and 3D modelling software. It provides a number of associated services including site surveys, approval drawings, documentation packs and the procurement of specialist items.

Site installation and support
Protek offers on-site installation of all its manufactured products, whether they are stand-alone items or incorporated into existing process plant. It is also able to undertake modifications to existing plant as required.

Allied Protek Engineering Solutions Ltd Overview