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Posture seating offers a solution to the pain and discomfort your body exhibits when it is time to change your postural habits. Ergonomic posture seating can help alleviate the signs of bad postural habits before they become severe and long lasting.

Our range of ergonomic chairs helps to improve the posture naturally. We make it easier to sustain better posture and encourage active movement.

Office & Computer Desks

 Whether you are looking for a home office or business office design solution, we can offer innovative office and computer desk designs that combine function and design.

We offer detailed office and computer desk design for our clients down to personalisation, base or leg style, top material and finishes. Our computer desks are available in both wood and laminate finishes, traditional and modern styles.

We offer a cost-effective way to achieve an office that represents you and reflects creativity, thinking and living.

Reception Furniture

First impressions count in business so we offer reception furniture that instantly reflects your company's image. We offer a bespoke service, along with modular elements and aim to utilise a range of materials and surfaces.

We work to create reception furniture that makes a statement not just about layout and style, but one that embodies company ethos.  

Office Equipment

Our aim is to create office equipment that has flexibility, functionality and style. Partitions, panels and cubicles can all be chosen to create an effective work space.

The correct office equipment can help improve working environments and helps promote a positive image to employees and visitors.

We offer a design service that we stick with throughout all the processes and ensure that your office is perfect.

Filing Cabinets & Storage

To help you choose the right filing cabinets and storage for your office, we offer an amazing range of filing and storage solutions that will fit your business environment.

We can find filing cabinets and storage that are functional and stylish whether you are storing employee records, tax information, monthly invoices or prospective client files.

Our solutions will enable you to be organised and quickly find and store all your company files, making your work day run more smoothly.

Project Management

Our project management teams ensure that all your projects run smoothly, on time and within budget. Project management attend all your requirements and coordinate the entire process.

They offer field measurements, space planning and layout, carpet specification, and electrical and data cable layout. They also attend weekly construction meetings, write project schedules and status reports. They can provide follow up moves and further additions.  

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