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Our range of Omnipure water filters includes the CL series, E series, K series and Q series. CL water filters are simple but dependable filters ideal for various uses like water coolers and ice machines.

Our E series has a mix of media to deal with polypropylene depth filtration and polyphosphate. Omnipure filters can be supplied in one or ten micron carbon blocks.

European Distribution For Omnipure Filters

We are the European distribution for Omnipure filters and supply their range of ultraviolet filters and John Gusset fittings for use on plumbed-in water coolers, hot drinks vending, and reverse osmosis and replacement fridge filters.

As the European distribution for Omnipure filters, we guarantee the products are superior at removing odours, bad taste and contaminants like nitrates, lead, pesticides, heavy metals, and herbicides.

Flood Protection Systems

Our flood protection systems include aquastop systems designed to be electrically operated and shut down mains supply when circuits are disrupted.

Flood protection systems also consist of machine and cooler install rail and water blocks. Water blocks integrate a mechanical water meter to automatically shut down mains water and avoid flooding.

Hoses And Fittings

We offer a comprehensive list of hoses and fittings including extendable drain hoses, swivel connectors, filter and washers, and hose clamps.

Hoses and fittings also include portable water tubing and a selection of portable water hose assemblies and stainless steel braided hose assemblies. We also stock a selection of push-fit hose connectors and standpipe.

Plumbing Fittings

Our plumbing fittings include a range of general fittings manufactured from brass and plastic to facilitate reliable installation. Plumbing fittings also include metric push fit connectors and imperial push fit connectors.

Our rigid hose for push fit connections are ideal for food quality applications and conveyance of drinking water. We also offer a collection of on-off ball valves for controlling water supply.

Solenoid Valves

We supply an extensive series of solenoid valves including 2 way, 3 way and 4 way valves. We also provide brass and chemical valves manufactured with a PVC body.

Solenoid valves can withstand a range of differing applications and can be used in environments dealing with hot water, cold water and low pressure.

Our range consists of security water valve systems, single vending valves, valves with flow meters, and threaded valves.

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