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We supply lifting jacks manufactured from lightweight aluminium. These lifting jacks are ideal for multiple applications from supporting bridges to lifting the nose ends of fighter planes.

Lifting jacks are suited for use in many sectors such as industrial, construction, railroad, mining, and automotive. Lifting jacks are combined with a range of lifting capabilities. Bottle jacks can lift from 4 to 30 tonnes, hydraclaw models can withstand weights up to 5 tonnes, and the hydralite can lift items up to 100 tonnes.

These lifting jacks have many benefits including portability, positive stop to prevent over-stroking and hydraulics totally enclosed for reliable and safe protection.

Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic jacks provide a lifting capacity up to 100 tonnes. Hydraulic jacks are lightweight and very portable. 

Our Tangye hydraulic jacks are designed and manufactured here in the UK and are used throughout the world in many industries. Tangye jacks are used for various applications such as lifting bridges and machinery to lifting fighter planes.

Wire Rope and Cable Cutters

Our wire rope and cable cutters can cut wire rope and cables in the most challenging environments. Our Webtool division specialise in the design and manufacture of cable cutters to meet the demands of users who need high quality and reliable products.

Cable cutters are suitable for subsea use at depths of 6000m and can reliably cut through cable, umbilicals and flexible risers up to 330mm.

Sub Surface Sucker Rod Pumps

We supply sub surface sucker rod pumps for the oil industry and provide products known throughout the industry for their quality and reliability.

Sub surface sucker rod pumps are offered at competitive prices and all fittings are covered by API specifications.  Our ranges of sub sucker rod pumps start from thin-walled barrel pumps for shallow to medium depth wells to heavy walled barrel pumps with metal plungers for hard and deep pump wells. 

Variable Speed Drives

Modern technology demands the needs to change speeds frequently with either automatic or manual methods. We supply Kopp variable speed drives with a light design and accurate performance.

Variable speed drives can predetermine speeds and maintain them. They are adaptable for applications requiring reverse rotation and braking, and in-line shafts combine gearboxes and electric motors. Variable speed drives are enclosed so they can be used in wet or dusty environments and hazardous conditions. 

Water Powered Pumps

We provide Hydra water powered pumps to supply water to remote houses and communities, offering water for livestock and irrigation applications. These water powered pumps have a range of advantages including no running costs and no fuel or electricity use.

Water powered pumps do not create any pollution and can be operated 24-hours a day at any time of the year. They benefit from simple maintenance service and have easy installation.

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