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Since 1988, we have specialised in supplying commercial and industrial cleaning equipment, including vacuum cleaners, all around the UK. We pride ourselves in providing vacuum cleaners with excellent customer service and competitive prices. We also give special discounts for repeat orders and customer loyalty.  


Hazardous Vacuum

At Almar industrial supplies, we specialise in supplying hazardous vacuum cleaners suitable for hazardous dust, asbestos and carcinogenic dust. We have a wide range of hazardous vacuum cleaners, complete with certified filtration certificates, to suit a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

We stock a fantastic variety of wet & dry vacuum cleaners in sizes from 10-70 litres. Our wet & dry vacuum cleaners are supplied with suitable tools for both applications.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

We supply a selection of industrial vacuum cleaners with capacities of up to 80 litres. Our industrial vacuum cleaners are available with single, twin and triple motors to provide exceptional performance. All machines are supplied with suitable tool kits.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

We have a huge variety of commercial vacuum cleaners available, complete with tool kits. Most of our commercial vacuum cleaners incorporate a patented Microtec noise reduction system to provide excellent performance.

Rotary Scrubbing Machines

With enhanced power and performance, our rotary scrubbing machines can take almost anything in their stride. Our rotary scrubbing machines feature two primary functions of rotary scrubbing and polishing of floors.

Scrubber Dryers

We supply an assortment of scrubber dryers with 18 to 120 litres capacity. Our scrubber dryers are both cable and battery powered.

Industrial Vacuum Spares

We stock a wide variety of industrial vacuum spares to suit all of your vacuum requirements. Our industrial vacuum spares include anything from a simple screw right up to a complete motor.

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