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Here at Alpha Manufacturing Hixon Ltd, we supply laser cutting in the North West using two Bystronic 4.4kW lasers. Our laser cutting in the North West can cut mild steel sheet, wood and plastic in a variety of thicknesses. Our machines are efficient and versatile providing high-quality laser cutting to suit a wide range of requirements.

CNC Folding

We provide CNC folding for a wide range of different products. Our CNC folding techniques reduce set up time, are cost effective, and are suitable for small batch runs.

We use a range of machines including:

  • Amada Astro Robot Folder
  • Amada TBZ Panel Folding Line
  • Standard Manned Folding Machines

Sheet Metal Fabrication

We design and produce sheet metal fabrication for a wide range of industry sectors, from construction to automotive. We use the latest machines and equipment to carry out sheet metal fabrication to an extremely high standard. We are committed to developing new products using CAD design. Our dedicated team will work with you to make sure new developments make the most of the technology available.

CNC Punching

We have four Pullmax machines to enable us to provide fast and efficient CNC punching. Our 24-hour operation CNC punching machines automatically load and unload the tools, materials and finished products.

Powder Coating and Wet Spraying

We have in-house powder coating and wet spraying facilities to enable use to complete any product efficiently and keep a close eye on quality. Our powder coating and wet spraying processes produce custom finishes to suit your individual requirements.  

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