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Founded in 1995, Alpha Micro Components is a successful independent franchised distributor of components for Telematics and M2M.

Here at Alpha Micro Components, we are a prominent force in wireless communications. We have extensive product knowledge and expertise in wireless communications, GPS tracking and M2M markets. We are one of the pioneers of the concept of design-based distribution, using in-house software and hardware capabilities as a platform to sell our franchised components. 

Our design group offers a comprehensive technical support package ranging from simple application support through to complete turnkey designs.

We take pride in servicing the machine-to-machine (M2M), telematics, medical, energy monitoring, security and automotive sectors with wireless communication components from our various franchised product lines including u-blox, Laird, FTDI, Lantronix, GainSpan, AXSEM, and our own 'AMC' range.

Cellular Communications

Our cellular communications modules and external devices cover GSM/GPRS, 3G and 4G applications.

Covering all global cellular frequency bands we are able to meet virtually all requirements, with products that are certified by most internationally recognised authorities. 

GNSS Positioning & Timing Modules

We supply a wide range of GNSS positioning & timing modules. From the leading global positioning technology company, u-blox, our GNSS modules cover applications for standalone positioning, precise positioning, dead reckoning and timing and raw data.

WiFi 802.11

We supply WiFi 802.11 products and devices from GainSpan and Lantronix. Our products include both embedded and external WiFi 802.11 devices. Please visit our website for more information.


We supply Bluetooth products for communication between applications and systems. Our Bluetooth technology and products can be used in:

  • telematics
  • asset tracking
  • home healthcare
  • ePOS
  • industrial M2M
  • energy management

Sub 1GHz RF

Sub 1 GHz RF and wireless IC's and modules for various applications including automatic meter reading, sensor networks, audio transmission and others.


We offer a wide range of antennas suitable for use in the M2M and telematic markets. Our antennas include external and embedded solutions for:

  • Cellular (2G, 3G & 4G)
  • GNSS positioning
  • Short range radio (sub 1GHz, Bluetooth, Zigbee and WiFi)

In addition, we can supply RF patch cable assemblies to meet most specifications.

Industrial TFT Displays

Industry standard TFT displays for the Industrial market, offering a range of interface and touchscreen options.

USB IC's, Modules & Cables

We offer a wide list of USB products. Our product range includes:

  • USB cables
  • USB ICs
  • USB modules

Serial to Ethernet

Alpha Micro offer a range of embedded and external serial-to- Ethernet modules and external devices, designed to operate in most commercial and industrial environments.

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