Alphamation Ltd

Alphamation Ltd. is a Midlands based company which manufactures parts feeding related equipment. Our company has a wide and diverse knowledge of parts feeding and handling. We manufacture feed systems capable of handling parts as small as sewing needles, or as large as 50lb steel billets.

We are specialists in component feeding and handling of mass produced parts, nuts, bolts, studs. lids, stampings, pressings, castings, forgings, mouldings, clips, brackets, tablets, pills, lozenges, foods stuffs, powders and plastics.

Our products range includes:

  • Vibratory Bowl Feeders - for feeding and orientating almost any small mass produced part.
  • Vibratory Linear Feeders - for transferring parts.
  • Escapements - for isolating individual parts.
  • Pick and placement units - for presenting single parts to assembly machines, CNC machines etc.
  • Vibratory Spiral Elevators - for elevating powders and bulk materials.
  • Billet Feeders - for feeding billets to induction heaters etc.
  • Reciprocating Step Feeders - for fast orientation of small parts.
  • Belt Elevators - Primarily used as bulk storage for bowl feeders.
  • Special Purpose Handling Equipment
  • Nut Injector systems - Presenting weld nuts to projection welding machines.

Alphamation Ltd Overview