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ALPHAMATION LTD. is a Midlands based company which manufactures parts feeding related equipment. Our company has a wide and diverse knowledge of parts feeding and handling. We manufacture feed systems capable of handling parts as small as sewing needles, or as large as 50lb steel billets.

Our products range includes:

Vibratory Bowl Feeders - for feeding and orientating almost any small mass produced part.
Vibratory Linear Feeders - for transferring parts.
Escapements - for isolating individual parts.
Pick and placement units - for presenting single parts to assembly machines, CNC machines etc.
Vibratory Spiral Elevators - for elevating powders and bulk materials.
Billet Feeders - for feeding billets to induction heaters etc.
Reciprocating Step Feeders - for fast orientation of small parts.
Belt Elevators - Primarily used as bulk storage for bowl feeders.
Special Purpose Handling Equipment
Nut Injector systems - Presenting weld nuts to projection welding machines.


Vibratory bowl feeders

Our electrically operated vibratory bowl feeders are based on the principle of resonant frequency vibration. They are powered by a totally encapsulated electro-magnetic coil driving through a series of laminated fibre glass leaf springs. The solid base vibrates in resonance with the top platform and bowl, which creates high levels of directional drive.

Vibratory Linear Feeders

We manufacture a wide range of vibratory linear feeders and vibratory conveyors with stainless steel or mild steel trough sections. These feeders and conveyors are offered with various types of trough section, including open type or totally enclosed square or round sections. The troughs can be fitted with grids for sieving or de-watering operations.

Reciprocating Stepped Feeders

These feeders can handle a very wide range of items from small, delicate components (for assembly or machining operations), to handling billets for induction heating or press operations. Components can be orientated and fed in single or multiple lines to suit customers' requirements. Ancillary escapement and transfer mechanisms can also be supplied as an integral part of these feeders.

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Billet Feeders

Motorised or pneumatically operated billet feeders are suitable for billets up to 30mm in diameter by 80mm long.

Billet feeders are usually used primarily for automatically feeding billets to heaters, but can be adapted for various other applications.

Bin tippers can be provided as an integral part of the feeder.

Weld Nut Feed Systems

Our weld nut feed systems incorporate the latest design features to give greater accuracy and alignment of nut placement. The bowl feeder mounted independently of the welding machine, allows convenient positioning and low level location for ease of bulk loading, however a smaller system can be mounted on top of the welding machine. This offers space saving around the welding machine. The restricting factor with this system is the limited size of nut that can be handled.

Nuts are transferred singly along a flexible nylon track by a blow feed escapement to the injector head which features an electro-magnetised placement rod for positive nut placement. The system is supplied with its own PLC sequence controller for ease of interface with any type of spot or resistance welding machine.

Belt Elevator Feeders

Slatted belt elevator feeders are suitable for the selection, orientation and feeding of components to automatic machines, or for bulk loading of components to vibratory bowl feeders and hoppers.

When components are to be selected, orientated and fed direct to automatic machines or billet heating furnaces etc., the selection and orientation is carried out on a linear vibratory feeder, which is an integral part of the belt elevator feeder or alternatively on a gravity discharge track.

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Vibratory Spiral Elevators

Vibratory spiral elevators are designed to elevate bulk materials in a wide variety of forms - powder, granules, components etc. They are particularly suited to drying and cooling applications within the pharmaceutical, food processing and plastics industries, as well as in bulk feeding and loading.

Centrifugal Feeders

The Alphamation range of centrifugal feeders are non vibratory and operate by a continuous rotary motion. They are ideal for orientating and feeding many different types and sizes of components at very high rates of feed compared with normal types of feeder.

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