Alphatech Ltd

Established in 1997, we specialise in environmental and industrial testing, operating from our state-of-the-art test house facilities.

Within our leading facilities and with relative environmental test chambers, we utilise thermal shock chambers. As well as thermal shock chambers, we also work with HALT and HASS systems and chambers, vibration, dust test and other equipment and products.

Environmental Chamber Hire

We offer environmental chamber hire to meet your needs. We maintain a stock of testing equipment available for hire to clients who have:

  • Short term projects
  • Specialised one/off or infrequent needs
  • Requirements for tests or applications beyond their own capacity
  • Capacity and loading peaks in their own facilities

Please visit our website for more information on our environmental chamber hire.

Environmental Chamber Hire

Environmental Test Equipment

As specialists in environmental and industrial testing, we are the UKs leading independent UKAS ISO 17025 accredited test house. We are also a leading supplier of environmental test equipment.

Environmental test equipment we supply includes:

  • Environmental test chambers
  • Temperature cycling chambers
  • Thermal shock chambers
  • HALT - HASS - ESS chambers
Environmental Test Equipment

Climatic Testing

We have specialist expertise with climatic testing. Our leading climatic testing capabilities come from a large variety of in-house climatic chambers for both short and long term testing.

We have an expert team of highly trained engineers who will assist you in ensuring you achieve the best possible test results from our laboratory.

Climatic Testing

Dynamic testing

We provide comprehensive and thorough dynamic testing in numerous forms. Our dynamic testing includes HALT, HASS, vibration and thermal shock - combined.

Combined testing is a more familiar alternative to HALT testing with traditional vibration, temperature and humidity cycling, combined to suit specific test regimes, standards compliance, or simulation of extreme service conditions.

Dynamic testing

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