Alpine Technology Ltd


Alpine Technology is an established Board-Level Component Distributor. Our four areas of focus are Socket Modems/Embedded Modem Modules, Radio Wireless Modem Products, Industrial GSMGPRS products, Components and Cable Assemblies.

Founded in 1994, Alpine Technology pride ourselves in offering a high and personal level of service from our new office and warehouse facility in Brighton.

From an initial focus of sourcing semiconductor products, our activities have expanded to all board-level components. We also offer a kitting and cable assembly service tailored to your needs.

As part of our Embedded focus, we are franchised for Multi-Tech Systems and Microhard Systems.

Multi-Tech Systems offer a range of Socket Modems/Embedded Modem Modules and Industrial Terminal solutions that can create communication-ready devices by integrating Data/Fax/Voice or Internet functionality into a single product design. Now you have the ability to provide remote monitoring, diagnostics, data collection or virtually any communication ability to your existing or new dial up, wireless, Ethernet, Bluetooth, GPS or EDGE connectivity. Multi-Tech also offer an RJ-11 form factor modem, the first of it's kind.

Further information on socket modem products. Further information on Industrial Products. Further information on the RJ-11 product.

Our most recent franchised line is a range of robust Radio Wireless Data Modems. These products from Microhard Systems are Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum devices that provide long-range license-free communication.

As part of our 'One-Stop' Wireless portfolio Alpine Technology can supply Antenna products and SIM Cards.

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