Alrad Instruments Ltd

Through its five trading divisions Alrad Instruments ltd is a leading UK supplier of machine vision, imaging products, Electro Optical detectors, lasers, medical and  products.

Alrad Imaging supplies imaging components, equipment and services to both industrial system integrators, OEMs, scientific and research customers.

Alrad Electronics provides a wide range of optical detectors, laser products, high voltage components, optoelectronic sockets, analytical systems and densitometers.

Alrad Photonics offers Infrared detectors, power supplies, laser diode modules, photodetectors, optoelectronic components , optical filters, diffraction gratings and laser accessories.

Alrad Medical is responsible for the marketing and sales of air disinfection systems, endoscope cameras, medical screening, molecular detection, personal protection equipment, temperature screening, UV sterilization and UV C Germicidal LED Lighting.

Alrad Thermal is responsible for marketing and sales of automotive thermal cameras, commercial vision thermal cameras, thermal industrial cameras, thermal security cameras and thermography thermal cameras

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Alrad Imaging

Alrad Imaging is one of the United Kingdoms foremost distributors for Machine Vision, industrial inspection, Scientific, Research and Microscopy applications. Providing a wide range of cameras, frame grabbers, imaging software, lighting products and a whole range of accessories.

  • Calibration Equipment
  • Analogue Cameras
  • Digital Cameras
  • Camera Cables
  • Frame Grabbers
  • Image Sensors
  • Imaging Software
  • Industrial Borescopes
  • Lenses
  • Lens filters
  • Lighting for Machine Vision
  • Machine Vision Systems
  • Microscopes
  • Monitors
  • Time of flight cameras
  • UV Cameras
Alrad Imaging

Alrad Photonics

Alrad Photonics provides a range of Photonics Infrared detectors, power supplies, laser diode modules, photo detectors, electronic components, sockets and laser accessories.

  • Infrared Detectors
  • Laser Diode Modules
  • Laser Diode Drivers
  • Laser Protection Equipment
  • Line Lasers
  • Optical Filters and Coatings
  • Optics
  • Photodetectors
  • Transmission and Reflection Coatings
Alrad Photonics

Alrad Electronics

Alrad Electronics are specialists in the industrial distributor in the United Kingdom for industrial distributors. We sell an extensive range of nuclear detectors, instruments and laser projection systems as well as a comprehensive portfolio of high voltage products and analytical systems.

  • Analytical Systems
  • Densitometers
  • Electron Multipliers
  • EMC Products
  • High Voltage
  • Laser Lines
  • Laser Modules - Pulse Generators - High Power Current Monitors - H V Power Supplies
  • Laser Goggles
  • Laser Projection Systems
  • Nuclear Instrumentation
  • Radiation Detectors
  • Sub THz Products
Alrad Electronics

Frame Grabber

Alrad is a leading UK camera distributor for industrial, scientific and research vision components. The links below are intended to guide you rapidly to product pages you want. With so many Frame Grabbers to select from we have made the navigation through our pages as easy as we can.


  • Bitflow Inc is a leading manufacturer of digital Camera Link and CoaXPress frame grabbers.  They specialize in interfacing to cameras with very high data/frame rates. Their frame grabbers are utilized in environments with complex triggering and I/O requirements. 
  • Epix Inc designs and manufactures frame grabbers, cameras, image acquisition and processing software, camera kits, and video to disk computer systems for machine vision, medical imaging, and high speed video analysis applications.
  • The Imaging Source industrial PCI and PCI Express Frame Grabbers convert analogue to digital data - delivering actionable information by enabling storage, manipulation and evaluation of image data. Also available is a range of image converters.
Frame Grabber

Imaging Software

We have a comprehensive range of software packages to support our hardware products. Each of the sophisticated packages we offer are able to support a wide variety of general purpose and specialised applications, and feature a full range of image acquisition and file management controls as well as image compression.

Sophisticated features enable processing, filtering, and geometric/arithmetic functions to be used to provide detailed analysis.

All major platforms are supported including Microsoft Windows and Unix.

Imaging Software

Analytical Systems

Alrad Electronics are specialists in Analytical Systemslong term distributors of Cianflone Scientific. Cianflone is a quality driven manufacturer of the x-ray spectrographic Portaspec instrumentation (WDXRF analyzers) and laboratory sample preparation equipment.

  • Portaspec have three different models are available, Portaspec for Multi-Element Sequential Analysis: Ti to U, Portaspec for Light Element Analysis in Central Lab and Portaspec for Assay and Bulk Material Identification. 
  • Sample Preparation Equipment, Electric Arc Button Remelt Furnace is used to prepare solid metal samples from odd shape materials.This includes drillings, lathe turnings, welding wire, powder, etc.
  • Tensitron Tension Meters and transducers quickly and precisely measure tension in a wide variety of materials and applications, including Aircraft Cables; Large Cables, Band and Web; Wire and Textile; and Strap.

Test Targets and Calibration Standards

Alrad Imaging have teamed up with APPLIED IMAGE to offer you the very latest in Precision IMAGING Calibration Standards & Components for the Optical-Imaging Industry. As the name indicates, their business is imaging, precision imaging.

Manufacturing highly precise calibration & measurement standards; test targets & sinusoidal test for image evaluation; precise reticles & imaged components for microscopy/vision devices; masks for electro-optic applications; precision encoder discs & strips for printers, scanners & positioning systems and custom imaged components for practically every electro-optical application.

Established in 1978, APPLIED IMAGE has become an acknowledged world leader in the field of IMAGING. They achieved this distinction by supplying tight tolerance and high quality images to thousands of very discriminating companies for decades.

Using the most sophisticated CAD/CAM design systems, computerised laser plotters, pattern generators, image repeaters, automated duplicators, processors and unique finishing equipment, APPLIED IMAGE manufactures some of the most tightly toleranced imaged components available anywhere. All supported by highly specialized inspection devices and the most stringent QC & QA process used in the industry.

Test Targets and Calibration Standards

Digital Camera

Alrad is a leading UK camera distributor for industrial, scientific and research cameras. The links below are intended to guide you rapidly to product pages you want. With so many cameras to select from we have made the navigation through our camera pages as easy as we can. The camera range we provide consists of USB and GigE vision camera, Intelligent Cameras, Remote head cameras Board cameras and Complete camera kits.

The range of cameras we provide are:

  • Watec Cameras offers a complete line of Colour, Black/White, Day/Night, IP, HD and USB cameras that fit into virtually every application.
  • Tucsen is a well-respected camera manufacturer of high performance microscopy cameras, their high-end product range aimed at the ultra-low light applications.
  • C-CAM Technologies are a manufacturer of Colour and Monochrome CMOS cameras with Camera Link and USB2.0 outputs.
  • Uniq camera manufactures, and markets high resolution, high speed CCD cameras for industrial applications, such as machine vision, night surveillance and much more.
  • Panasonic offer cameras with 4K ultra high definition which provides four times the resolution of Full HD.
  • TeraSense cameras has developed an original patent-protected technology for making a new generation of semiconductor imaging systems for Terahertz (THz) and sub-THz frequency ranges.
  • Bluevision is a manufacturer of linescan, SWIR, Prism spectroscopic and UV cameras
  • Sentech is a manufacturer of Colour and Monochrome industrial cameras. Sentech have a vast range of analogue and digital cameras.
  • SVI Corp is a leader of advanced high-speed, high-resolution camera technology combining the latest high-bandwidth interface technologies with the newest sensors available.
  • New Imaging Technologies (NIT) offers CMOS and InGaAs imaging sensors and cameras operating over an extraordinary dynamic range of more than 140dB.
  • Epix Inc offer a comprehensive range of CMOS camera systems incorporating camera, acquisition board, cabling and software.
  • The Imaging Source camera can be found in many areas of everyday life: industry, food and beverage production, research sciences, pharmaceuticals and medicine, traffic and parking management
  • ARTRAY are a manufacturer of a comprehensive range of cameras including: Colour and Monochrome Cameras with USB2.0 or USB3.0 interfacing, HDMI direct output camera, Mini Camera, NIR cameras, Thermal Infrared camera, UV camera.
Digital Camera

Alrad Medical

Products include:-

  • endoscope cameras
  • medical screening
  • molecular detection
  • air disinfection systems
  • personal protection equipment
  • temperature screening
  • UV sterilization
  • UV C Germicidal LED Lighting.


Alrad Thermal

Products include:-

  • automotive thermal cameras,
  • commercial vision thermal cameras,
  • thermal industrial cameras,
  • thermal security cameras 
  • thermography thermal cameras

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