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Through its five trading divisions Alrad Instruments ltd is a leading UK supplier of machine vision, imaging products, Electro Optical detectors, lasers, medical and  products.

Alrad Imaging supplies imaging components, equipment and services to both industrial system integrators, OEMs, scientific and research customers.

Alrad Electronics provides a wide range of optical detectors, laser products, high voltage components, optoelectronic sockets, analytical systems and densitometers.

Alrad Photonics offers Infrared detectors, power supplies, laser diode modules, photodetectors, optoelectronic components , optical filters, diffraction gratings and laser accessories.

Alrad Medical is responsible for the marketing and sales of air disinfection systems, endoscope cameras, medical screening, molecular detection, personal protection equipment, temperature screening, UV sterilization and UV C Germicidal LED Lighting.

Alrad Thermal is responsible for marketing and sales of automotive thermal cameras, commercial vision thermal cameras, thermal industrial cameras, thermal security cameras and thermography thermal cameras

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Eldim, The Imaging Source, Exhibitions and MORE!

Eldim, The Imaging Source, Exhibitions and MORE!

ELDIM are a French company with over 30 years of expertise in display technologies and metrology. They provide advanced optical metrology tools that increase the competitive advantage of their customers sufficiently. Based on home made advanced optical designs, their products provide outstanding resolution and angles whilst not compromising  their competitive price.

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VCProbe-NIR is ideal for the measurement of small aperture NIR sources. This product is capable of a map within a ±70° viewing angle cone, calibrated in at a wavelength of 940nm. This system operates at a high speed whilst guaranteeing accurate measurements. This product is specifically manufactured with R&D, Mass production/QC in mind! Ensuring a wide range of use in various applications with consistent, high quality in demanding markets.

OFScope-NIR is particularly optimised for measuring large aperture NIR sources. Featuring an angular aperture of ±40° with outstanding angular resolution, measuring in real time with a full map of any NIR source. This product is calibrated at a wavelength of 850nm, 905nm, 940nm. With the full capabilities of measuring all kind of sources such as LIDAR, Flash Lidar, diode laser and VCSEL (Such as the self-driving car market) allowing versatility for various uses!

The Imaging Source

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From February 26 - 28th our principle The Imaging Source will be attending their first ever Embedded World exhibition in Germany, displaying their incredible NEW MIPI / CSI-2 line-up together with a Novel FPD-Link III™ Serializer / Deserializer bridge. The new products feature a wide variety of industrial sensors and supported platforms, therefore emphasising their flexibility when it comes to your challenging applications. Furthermore, the modules directly execute demosaicing, colour correction and other post-processing tasks via the ISP of the embedded platform.

The Imaging Source provides embedded system solutions based on the most powerful embedded platform currently on the market: The NVIDIA Jetson TX1 / TX2. In addition to its powerful GPU, it offers a dedicated ISP which processes 12 CSI-2 camera lanes with up to 1.5Gbps per lane and up to six simultaneous camera streams. Pick & Load tasks are affordable and efficient for the automation of machine loading and unloading tasks and now even small - medium sized companies have the opportunity to automate their CNC capabilities. With minimal time and effort, Pick & Load can be configured to load and unload unpalletized parts from tables, drawers and pallets.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us directly at, visit our website and go visit Embedded World to see the incredible products from The Imaging Source.

Product Spotlight

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When it comes to ground-breaking technology, you should look no further than the incredible TeraSense High-speed imager (featured in our product spotlight this week). With the High Speed Linear 300GHz scanner customers can inspect hidden defects or conduct non-destructive testing in a wide range of industries including quality control, security and the detection of water presence in various products. This type of application has never been faster OR safer and with the growing pressure on food and security industries it could be the option for you! TeraSense remains affordable yet highly effective, emphasising its versatility for a wide range of customers in almost any industry! If any of these applications are applicable to you, or you have any other queries regarding TeraSense products, please contact us and we can show you how their outstanding technology can benefit you.

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