Alrad Instruments Ltd

Through its three trading divisions Alrad Instruments ltd is a leading UK supplier of machine vision, imaging products, Electro Optical detectors and laser products.

Alrad Imaging supplies imaging components, equipment and services to both industrial system integrators, OEMs, scientific and research customers.

Alrad Electronics provides a wide range of optical detectors, laser products, high voltage components, optoelectronic sockets, analytical systems and densitometers.

Alrad Photonics offers Infrared detectors, power supplies, laser diode modules, photodetectors, optoelectronic components , optical filters, diffraction gratings and laser accessories.

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  1. Test Targets & Calibration Standards

    Test Targets & Calibration Standards


    Alrad Imaging have teamed up with APPLIED IMAGE to offer you the very latest in Precision IMAGING Calibration Standards & Components for the Optical-Imaging Industry

    Established in 1978, APPLIED IMAGE has become an acknowledged world leader in the field of IMAGING. They achieved this distinction by supplying tight tolerance and high quality images to thousands of very discriminating companies for decades.
    Manufacturing highly precise calibration & measurement standards; test targets & sinusoidal test for image evaluation; precise reticles & imaged components for microscopy / vision devices; masks for electro-optic applications; precision encoder discs & strips for printers, scanners & positioning systems and custom imaged components for practically every electro-optical application.

    Products include:

    • Test Targets and Charts
    • Robotic and machine Vision Standards
    • Stage Micrometers
    • Barcode Standards