Alrad Instruments Ltd

Through its three trading divisions Alrad Instruments ltd is a leading UK supplier of machine vision, imaging products, Electro Optical detectors and laser products.

Alrad Imaging supplies imaging components, equipment and services to both industrial system integrators, OEMs, scientific and research customers.

Alrad Electronics provides a wide range of optical detectors, laser products, high voltage components, optoelectronic sockets, analytical systems and densitometers.

Alrad Photonics offers Infrared detectors, power supplies, laser diode modules, photodetectors, optoelectronic components , optical filters, diffraction gratings and laser accessories.

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  1. Diffraction Gratings

    Diffraction Gratings

    Bach Research offers a comprehensive range of ruled master and replica gratings both plane and curved for a variety of applications:

  2. Spectrometer Gratings

    Spectrometer Gratings
    Fused silica transmission gratings enable high resolution and high efficiency gratings that are ideal for compact spectrometers.We offer a line of spectrometer gratings spanning from the UV to the NIR, in addition to offering a custom design service for OEM applications.