Altimex Ltd.

Altimex Ltd are an independent design and manufacturing company that specialises in Electronic Assembly, Electronic Control Systems, Electronic Transformers, Illumination Products and distribution of Fibre Optic & Networking Connectivity Solutions for both data comms and telecoms industry.

At Altimex we have the ability to satisfy the technical needs of a wide range of requirements, serving customers in many industry sectors, e.g.

  • Electronic Control Systems
  • Electronic Systems Assembly
  • Illumination design using LED technology
  • Illumination Control
  • Fibre Optics - Data & Tele Communication Products and Consultancy
  • Medical Process Control
  • OEM systems
We can design and manufacture one off products  or large quantities for call off requirements.

If you have any requirements give us a call  on 01829 741262 or email us at

Altimex Ltd. Overview