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Are you in need of RAID data recovery from your system? Have you had multiple hard drive failures? Having problems accessing your RAID system?  Have you started a rebuild but it has failed? 

Our RAID data recovery service has one of the best reputations in the field of data recovery. Our experts can recover data from a vast range of systems and you can speak with an expert with no obligation. We will recover data from a wide selection of problems, for example: 

  • RAID 5 with 2 drives offline
  • NAS device and more

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Suffered a failure with your laptop or desktop system? Has your RAID system lost its configuration? Have you had multiple disk failures on your NAS? In need of hard drive data recovery

We have a team of highly skilled software developers and expert engineers who will give you the best options for hard drive data recovery.  

Our engineers can provide hard drive data recovery from a range of situations, for example:

  • Dropped hard disk
  • Re-formatted camera media
  • Flash drives with errors
  • USB pens with deleted files
Hard Drive Data Recovery

Tape Data Recovery

Are you having problems recovering data from your back up tapes? Or has the tape that has your back up information been damaged? Do you need to recover the information quickly? Altirium can help. We have tape data recovery experience spanning 3 decades. 

We offer a free, no-obligation, tape data recovery diagnosis by our experts. We give you a price for the tape data recovery after the process has been completed and a report has been produced. From this we can tell you how much we can recover and how much it will cost.

Tape Data Recovery

Data Conversion

Having problems reading a backup tape, optical disk or data conversion due to not having the correct backup software, drive or file system support? 

Altirium can help you; we provide a comprehensive data conversion service with expert engineers who have decades of data conversion experience.

Data Conversion

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics services are a particular speciality for our engineer team.

Our range of highly skilled engineers can help you with a range of services in reference to computer forensics

  • Forensic tape processing
  • Tape investigation services
  • Forensic data recovery
Computer Forensics

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