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Aluline has unrivalled experience in surveying, specifying, supplying, installing, and maintaining, Grease Traps, from the largest to the smallest kitchens. Our managed maintenance systems for kitchens are designed to reduce blockages and pump faults to a minimum.

Aluline Concepts Hand Wash Systems

Aluline Concepts has developed Non Contact Hand Wash Systems, manufactured from stainless steel. They can be free standing or built into a wall and work by washing, drying and sanitising. It removes the cost of paper towels, electric hand dryers and saves on waste removal and water charges. The flagship model is the I.C.U (Infection Control Unit). With a tracking system for all staff and other users, it allows controlled entry into sensitive areas such as food production, theatres, hospitals, restaurants, kitchens and zoos etc.

Aluline Rain Water Reharvesting

Aluline also offers a variety of rain water reharvesting systems. These systems offer sizable savings on water rates and discharge costs and can be used for toilets, wash bays and washing machines. If treated, the water can also be used for drinking. This can reduce water charges by thousands annually.


The BioCleaner System is a revolutionary break through technology that harnesses the power of nature to treat all types of organic waste, such as residential, commercial, industrial and municipal sectors.

Unlike other biological treatment systems, which require regular application of microbes, BioCleaner constantly produces its own microbes, eliminating the need to add new microbes every day. BioCleaner units are advanced bioreactors and aerators that break down and remove toxins, sludge, algae and odours. The units use microbes just like nature, to treat polluted waterways and ponds. After waste removal, fish can be added to encourage natural pollution maintenance and increase aesthetics of the ponds.

Current costs associated with the cleanup for waterways and ponds are related to necessary dredging and chemical cleansing of the polluted waters. These existing solutions are very expensive and additionally damaging to the natural environment. BioCleaner can reduce your pond clean-up costs by 70% or more.

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