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We are experts in modifying performance engines and our engine modifications include services on head porting, combustion chamber reshaping and modifying valves.

Our engine modifications also include work on performance cars, unleaded conversion, increased engine capacity and increased compression ratio.

We also provide balancing crank assembly and blueprinting services of group N competition engines.

Precision Engineering

We provide precision engineering and modifications of performance engines. Our precision engineering skills provide modifications and also repair and reconditioning.

We also offer welding of aluminium and stainless steel.

Engine Reconditioning

Our engine reconditioning service offers cylinder head skimming. The internal combustion engine is exposed to various temperatures and combustion happens between the cylinder head and pistons.

Over time, the force and temperature of this process causes the warping of the cylinder head surface. Engine reconditioning reduces the risk of a blown gasket and keeps your engine performing better and in a safer condition. 

Engine Repairs

Our engine repairs include repairing broken valve and cam belt damage. If cam belts are not changed, they lead to excessive wear and will eventually cause the belt to snap.

Engine repairs reduce the detrimental result of damaging valve timing. When damage has been done, we supply new valves and pistons and repair the head.

Engine Rebuild

We provide a fully engine rebuild service. It includes the changing of components such as pistons, piston rings, bearings, oil pumps and timing belts.

Engine rebuild also includes rebored blocks in engines and before rebuilding starts we carry out a skilled inspection of all engine components.

Cylinder Head Pressure Testing

We provide cylinder head pressure testing. This means cooling the channels through a cylinder head and testing under pressure to assess if any leaks occur.

Cylinder head pressure testing can be applied to a range of head types.

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