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PVC Door Strip is used in many industries to maintain heat within an open workspace. Different types of material available include a polar grade, a ribbed grade and various colours. PVC Curtaining is a cheap and effective alternative to other methods of heat maintain while still allowing natural light to flow through it and maintain good lines of sight for oncoming traffic.

Rubber Sheeting & Gaskets

Rubber Sheeting & Gaskets are offered in a number of different grades. Grades offered include Nitrile (oil resistance), Neoprene (excellent liquid properties) and EPDM/Viton (excellent across the board). Rubber is held in a wide range of thicknesses and gaskets are able to be cut to order on site, in some cases while you wait.

Polycarbonate Sheeting & Fabrication

Polycarbonate Sheeting & Fabrication allow the production of a rigid, shatter proof covering for areas that could prove dangerous for employees. Amarin hold a large stock of polycarbonate sheeting on site in a variety of thicknesses which is available for immediate dispatch/collection. In addition Amarin offer a bespoke guard production service, send us a drawing and we can make it for you!

Sponge Rubber

Sponge Rubber comes in all magnitude of thicknesses and sizes. From 1mm upto a heavy duty 25mm thick, and from large 10m x 1m rolls down to sealing strips of 10mm wide or even lower. This material is highly versatile and is available with a self adhesive backing or plain backed depending on the application. As well as the stock EPDM sponge we also offer a selection of Silicone, Nitrile and Neoprene sponges.


Matting of all varities has seen a large increase in prominence in recent years due to ever improving Health & Safety around the workplace. Amarin's range of matting varies from PVC anti fatigue matting used in various applications including swimming pools, as it has excellent drainage, to our rubber floor matting which helps to reduce the strain on an employee's knees who is standing all day. Mats are available in various thicknesses and colours.


Hoses come in many shapes and sizes meaning that the range of hoses we offer have to cover a wide array of requirements for our customers. We stock a large amount of hoses used in production areas across industry, these include wire reinforced hoses, rubber hoses and simple PVC tubing. Amarin are able to offer certain hoses complete with fittings and fixtures.

PTFE Products

PTFE Products can mean a lot of different things. From the super slippery PTFE Glasscloths to the very hard PTFE plastic material available in sheeting and rod form. Our PTFE Glasscloth range is offered in self adehsive and also plain backed and boasts variations such as Skieved PTFE, Black PTFE and Zone Tape.

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