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Ambassador have long been established as a leading supplier of protective packaging products to customers throughout the United Kingdom.
Now, as part of the global Pregis Corporation, we are able to provide an even wider range of advanced packaging solutions, backed by unmatched levels of service and support, together with strong, well-known brands. Our aim is quite simply to provide extraordinary solutions for everyday packaging needs, offering a comprehensive range of innovative products, and commitment to customer service.


AirSpeed Air Cushion Systems

Air Cushion Systems provide a simple and extremely versatile method of producing cushions of air for void fill and protection where and when you need them. Used in a multitude of applications, air cushions offer savings often in excess of 50% compared with the cost of conventional materials.
The systems are easy to operate and require minimal technical knowledge - just set the machines up and switch on, to produce a continuous stream of air cushions that are easily separated.
AirSpeed 6000 - The AirSpeed 6000 system offers faster production speeds than its predecessors, operating at an unequalled rate of over 16 metres per minute, enabling it to keep up with high-demand packaging situations.
Chains of air cushions are created using ambient air and an internal electric blower, eliminating the need for an external air supply - such as a compressor - making the unit truly portable. Only a 230v electric power source is needed to run this machine. Simply plug in the machine, load the film and go.
AirSpeed Smart - Smart by name and smart by nature, the new AirSpeed Smart system is a convenient, quick and cost-effective way to create inflatable cushions on-demand for compact or lower demand packaging operations, perfect for any small business with big packaging needs. The lightweight AirSpeed Smart takes up even less room than its high speed cousins and provides the latest in air cushion technology, offering portability, durability and functionality.

AirSpeed HC

This innovative 'Bubble-on-Demand' system is designed to meet customer’s needs of simplicity and ease of use. At speeds of up to 23 metres a minute, it’s the fastest machine of its kind on the market. AirSpeed HC material is ideal for void fill - top, sides and bottom, cushioning, block and brace, wrapping and packing and light duty cushioning. Our new AirSpeed HC system will change the way customers think about packaging for many, many applications.

GeoSpeed 100 Paper System

An automated single-ply paper packaging system for those who want a fast and easy-to-operate system that provides exceptionally flexible and eco-friendly packaging material. Our newest system delivers crumpled, recyclable, renewable and biodegradable kraft paper at variable speeds of up to 2 metres per second! The GeoSpeed patented design produces tightly crumpled paper that is great for void-fill, cushioning, wrapping or blocking and bracing. Our latest innovation is loaded with user-friendly features to help optimise packaging operations.
Lantech Stretch Wrappers
Ambassador are the sole UK importers and distributors of Lantech stretch wrapping equipment. The range incorporates the class leading Q-Series Semi and Fully-automatic stretch wrappers and the Lantech S-Series straddle systems which are available in floor-mounted and over-conveyor Semi and Fully-automatic form. The association between Ambassador and Lantech provides the UK market with comprehensive sales and technical support on the entire range of the world’s leading stretch wrap systems. Ambassador also provide complete service support on all of the above systems, combined with Lantech’s 3 year unlimited cycle warranty on ALL components.

Lantech Carton Erector

The Lantech range of Carton Erectors (C300, C1000, C2000) offer high level engineering and design in combining a number of unique features with flexibility to accept a wide range of carton sizes.

Lantech Shrink Wrapping Systems

Lantech’s revolutionary new shrink systems bring the benefit of industry-wide USPs on to a single machine, whilst achieving a new level of affordability and performance, without compromise to reliability or application flexibility. Both the SW series of Shrink Wrappers and the ST series of compatible Shrink Tunnels offer ultra-modern machines with unrivalled performance, reliability and durability.

Strapping Systems

Ambassador offer both Automatic and Semi-automatic strapping machines that are compact, portable systems that are easy to install and require minimal operator training.

Intellipack Foam-in-Place

The industry’s most advanced foam-in-place system helps customers to maximise packaging productivity - and do it economically. Intellipack systems incorporate reliable, easy operation with ergonomic design and leading edge technology. The result is foam-in-place packaging solutions so smart they minimise operator interaction and virtually eliminate unexpected downtime.

Jiffy® Padded Bag

Famous heavy-duty protection for bulky items. Perfect for domestic and overseas mailing. Tests performed at Pregis show that the Jiffy® Padded bag offers significantly better performance in burst strength, durability and cushioning when compared to lighter weight mailers. Maximum protection for items you want to ensure arrive in perfect condition.

Jiffy® AirKraft®

is the retail favourite; a lightweight, low cost mailer that gives you all the protection you need with the added benefit of reduced postal costs.

It has a fully laminated lining of Astro SupraBubble® for extra strength and puncture resistance, perfect for mailing items that are susceptible to impact during transit. Tough, water resistant and easy to handle, AirKraft® is less expensive that it's plastic rivals and just as light! The perfect choice for high volume mailings and office stationery, AirKraft® is available in selected sizes and two colours - gold and white.

Jiffy® Mailmiser®

Is the most popular fully laminated bubble lined mailer. It is a lightweight bag that provides heavy weight performance. The mailer comprises of a top quality strong kraft paper on the outside, with an Astro SupraBubble® lining on the inside and a secure self-seal. Mailmiser® is super tough on protection, highly presentable and ideal for heavy duty, domestic and overseas mailing. Available in selected sizes and two colours.

Jiffy® mailers

can be custom printed with company logos and marketing information - subject to lead times and minimum order quantity

Jiffy® RigiKraft®

plus A strong rigid corrugated envelope with creased grooves all the way round for increased filling height. Ideal for photographs, books, printed literature and direct mail.

Jiffy® Box

Versatile packaging for a wide variety of goods, variable in height Jiffy® Box is easy to assemble and easy to open. Suitable for printed products, catalogues, books, textiles and gifts etc; ideal for square items CDs, DVDs and video tapes.

Jiffy® Filer

Perfect packaging for file shipment, Jiffy® Filer makes the posting of files quick and easy. Especially reinforced edges and strong self-seal protects the contents and gives added security. The "tear open" strip goes right around the package for simple removal of contents. Superior presentation combined with protection.


Corrugated cartons from Ambassador are ideal for moving, storage and protection of items during transportation for both private individuals and removals firms. Besides an extensive standard stock case range, we also supply commercial quality corrugated packaging to meet customers specific requirements - printed to carry company branding if required.


We provide a wide range of sealing tapes manufactured from a variety of materials and available in different strengths and sizes. Our polypropylene packaging tapes are our most popular, however we also supply a variety of vinyl and paper tapes


Ambassador are more than just another film supplier. Our aim is to help streamline your operational efficiency and minimise your costs. Higher performance films can lead to greater savings, and Ambassador has a range of films available, which are second to none. We consistently demonstrate cost savings to prospective customers using our high performance materials. When used in conjunction with our range of stretch and shrink wrapping machines we regularly achieve a higher operational performance, which in turn helps to reduce costs. Significant investment goes into the design and development of our shrink and stretch wrapping products to ensure optimum performance and end-user satisfaction.


Bubble film is one of the most recognised protective packaging products on the market. Pregis air bubble film offers an economical solution for void filling, interleaving, wrapping and cushioning for a multitude of applications.
Our range of excellent quality, small and large bubble products includes regular Astro Bubble® and the new high-tech Astro SupraBubble® offering high performance and longer lasting cushioning.


Successful product protection is about matching the right packaging material to the application
Low-density polyethylene is formed into sheets made up of thousands of tiny cells, each full of air and each cell combining with neighbouring cells. Packaging foam is one of the more versatile packaging materials in use today.
Packaging foam is a gentle alternative to more traditional types of packaging such as corrugated paper and can be used to protect items that need special care and attention, offering protection from abrasion. Packaging applications include the protection of polished furniture, fragile glass, computers and consumer electronics.


Ambassador are one of the largest distributors of polythene products in the country, with a wide stock range of many types of polythene bags, sheeting and covers, as well as packing list envelopes and self-adhesive covering films. Our in-house converting facilities also give us the capacity to manufacture to bespoke requirements.


From corrugated paper to a range of kraft rolls and tissue sheets, we also provide a selection of paper packaging products.


Polypropylene tensional strapping is a safe and secure method of sealing your boxes or securing your pallets. Hand strapping is available either on a cardboard core or a plastic reel, and we also offer a wide range of machine strapping for customers with semi or fully automatic strapping machines.

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