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We supply a range of standard and custom torque and force transducers, including multi-axis - Torque Transducers 0.07Nm to 340,00 Nm; Load Cells 5gm to 100,000 Kg.

We specialise in providing the right torque and force transducers  for you. We always try to give our customers the most cost-effective solution.

Data Loggers

We have a comprehensive supply of data loggers to meet your needs. We have data loggers for demanding, robust conditions as well Wi-fi operated units. Please visit our site for a complete list and description of our range of data loggers.

Data Loggers

Wireless Telemetry

Our telemetry products are designed to provide high accuracy measurement data from multiple voltage, current and strain gauge inputs. We have a comprehensive stock supply of wireless telemetry units for you to choose from.

Our telemetry units can be used to measure strain bridge, voltage or current output sensor, such as load cells, inclinometers, accelerometers, displacement and pressure. We can integrate them with the T24 Acquisition devices to create wireless strain gauge sensors.

Wireless Telemetry

Load Cells

We stock a complete range of load cells designed with capacities from 25gm to 1,000,000Kg. Our load cell selection includes:

  • Weighing Load Cells

  • Force Measurement Load Cells

  • Compression Load Cells

  • Fatigue Rated Load Cells

  • Automotive Load Cells

  • Multi-Axis Load Cells

Load Cells

Flow Meters

We stock a wide variety of flow meters for many applications.

We provide the following flow meters:

  • vortex shedding - engine test
  • vortex shedding - gas and steam
  • vortex shedding - liquid

Specifically, we have the VH563 Hand-held Blow-By Flow Meter. A recent addition to the J-TEC engine test flow meter line., it is designed for easy use in the field for engine testing. 

Flow Meters

Weighing Controllers

We have a complete range of weighing controllers that can be used for a variety of specialised applications. Our weighing controllers include:

  • Batch Weighing Controller
  • Fast-Fill by Weight Controller
  • Intelligent Load Cell Amplifier
  • Loss-in Weight Controller
Weighing Controllers

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