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Ambient Electrical are specialists in electric underfloor heating and offer a service across the UK. We work with designers and architects to deliver an outstanding service to our customers.

We are proud of our reputation and aim to give exceptional service and value. Our electric underfloor heating products include heating mats, cable kits and in-screed heating systems.

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Underfloor Heating Systems

Our electric underfloor heating systems can be used beneath ceramic or stone tiles with either a mat or loose cable option.

Cables offer more flexibility for electric underfloor heating systems and work over a large surface area. Mat kits provide fast installation and provide different heat output.

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Electric Underfloor Heating Kits

We supply comprehensive solutions for electric underfloor heating kits. All kits are quality guaranteed and next day delivery is available for all options.

Our supply of electric underfloor heating kits includes:

  • Cable kits for electric underfloor heating
  • Electric underfloor heating mat kits
  • ThermoLAM - foil heating mats
  • In-screed cable kits


We offer a range of thermostats including the AUBE TH232 thermostat, well-regarded by the electric underfloor heating industry and a product others aspire to.

We also offer the Heatmiser PRT-E-V3 thermostat that is compatible with all electric floor systems with a load less than 16A.

The TR3100 floor heating thermostat allows you to control your electric underfloor heating system yourself with a remote control.


Our insulation products include blueboard. This is our own brand of insulation material, and is manufactured to use beneath under tile mat heating systems.

Marmox tile backer insulation board works well in electric underfloors and improves warm-up time and running costs.

Depron insulation is used under laminate or wood floors, and can be installed in a single layer or double for greater efficiency.

Mirror Demisters

Our mirror demisters come in a range of innovative designs to help reduce steamy mirrors in bathrooms.

Mirror demisters are easy to fit and wire into the lighting circuit with no thermostat required.


We provide a range of accessories for your electric underfloor heating needs. These include switches engraved with 'underfloor heating' on them, digital multimeter for checking the resistance of heating cables, and spare floor probes.

We also have accessories like under tile cable monitors and insulation fixing packs. Our therma-coat primer uses acrylic sphere technology essential for non-insulated floors.

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